The Cowboys are changing QBs from Weeden To Cassel

Our man Fish called it a 'pitching change,' a hat-tip to the playoff-fighting Texas Rangers. And so we have it, the Cowboys moving from Brandon Weeden as the starting QB to Matt Cassel.

The Cowboys got bad pitching on Sunday in Arlington -- at least bad enough to motivated a Tuesday pitching change from Brandon Weeden to Matt Cassel.

"You look at what we're asking (Brandon Weeden)  to do and how he handles that and then how he executes those plays on a consistent basis, week-in and week-out and you look at the overall production of the quarterback,'' Garrett said on Monday when asked about the idea of replacing Tony Romo's temp following a 30-6 loss to the Pats. "The quarterback is one of those positions where you don't isolate him. His impact on the offense is important. His impact on the football team is important. You put all of those factors together and you try to make your best judgment.''

And the judgment is in: Fish says sources tell him it's "in progress.'' Ed Werder of ESPN says it's a done deal. Either way the result will be the same, and not surprising, if you review KD's video report above: On Wednesday, the veteran Cassel will be the No. 1 guy (even though we're told lots of subs will take snaps in this bye week.) And come Game 6, in New York, Cassel -- acquired earlier this season in a cheap trade with Buffalo -- will be the No. 1 guy again.

Is this about which guy is the better player? Not entirely.  It's just as much about, as Fish has written, "the coaching staffs ability to take the temperature of the room and to gauge it accordingly.''

That's been done ... (you can see how open to the notion Jerry Jones was on Tuesday morning) ... not that Weeden has to like it.

"I understand how it really is," Weeden told Fish on Sunday night after Dallas dropped to 2-3 with a third straight loss. "The outside world,  maybe if you don't understand the game of football, everybody's  going to point fingers. ... That's the way it is. If you really understand the game of football and how it works ... Some people get it, some people don't."


Hopefully in Miami on Nov. 22, Romo will "get it'' -- that is, be healthy enough to take his job back. In the meantime, Matt Cassel will "get it'' -- that is, get the chance to steer this bus out of the gutter.

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