Cowboys Promote La'el Collins - The Q-and-A And The Start Of Something Big

The Cowboys Promote La'el Collins - His Q-and-A And The Start Of Something Big ... wrote about the coming change on Wednesday morning after La'el Collins was informed he is being elevated to the starting left guard spot ahead of Ron Leary. And on Wednesday afternoon, the media caught up with the LSU rookie for this Q-and-A
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE OPPORTUNITY? -- "It’s a great opportunity. Just really want to come out and keep doing the things that’s been done to get up to this point. Just working hard, doing everything I can to go out and give my best for the team."
DID GARRETT CALL YOU IN? -- "Yeah, I just had a brief meeting with Coach Garrett and coach Frank (Pollock) yesterday and just kind of got the news then. I just kind of came in prepared and focused and ready to go today."

IS IT DIFFICULT TO PREPARE BECAUSE YOU WERE INACTIVE? -- "For me, I never looked at it as being difficult. I just looked at it as preparing myself, preparing myself to get ready to be where I am and just come out and work hard every day. So that’s why for me the preparation and everything that goes into it never changes. Just kind of keep that same pace and now pick it up a notch."
WHAT'S THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE? -- "I think just the biggest challenge is really to become a really good pro, the best pros stay consistent, so just staying consistent each and every day is the biggest thing. I think I’ve been able to do that and just continue to work hard at it."
HOW WILL 93 SNAPS AND ONE CAREER START HELP? -- "I think it helped me tremendously just being able to go out there and have that game feel and understand what it’s like to go on the opponent’s field and play. Just being able to have that experience definitely helps."
WHO WAS THE FIRST PERSON YOU CALLED? -- "Crazy thing is my agent was in town, both of my agents, and we was kind of sitting in the offensive line room, and Coach came back and told my agent what the deal was and we just went from there. It was great."
WHEN DID YOU CALL YOUR MOM? -- "I actually talked to her today. She's a very busy lady, hard to get in touch with. I talked to her this morning and she is really excited. She's ready to come to New York ."
THEY ARE MAKING THIS CHANGE FOR A REASON; WHAT DO YOU AS AN OL HAVE TO DO BETTER -- "I think go out there and be who you are. Go out and play, just take care of yourself. Guys prepare every hard and work hard. We make adjustments. We just continue to work the things that we've been doing getting back to the fundamentals. That's the reason for the bye week and just doing what we do; focusing on the little things is what we're focusing on this week."
IS THIS THE START OF SHOWING WHAT PLAYER YOU'LL BE IN THE NFL? -- "No question. Definitely the start of showing I'm becoming the player I want to be. Just taking that approach every day."

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