Cowboys HQ News: Randy's A Go, Dez Is A 'Whoa,' No 'Cancer' From Joe

Cowboys HQ News: Randy Gregory's A Go, Dez Bryant Is A 'Whoa,' No 'Cancer' From Joe.

A quick sweep through Valley Ranch on Tuesday as the Dallas Cowboys get back to work ... and back to making news:

Dez Bryant Is A 'Whoa' - We have the rather fuzzy thoughts of Jerry Jones on Dez Bryant's coming availability. And Fish has Dez' own thoughts as well. On Tuesday afternoon, Fish asked coach Jason Garrett if the All-Pro receiver rehabbing the break in his foot has "medical clearance'' to move forward towards playing in an NFL game.

So Jerry can't define "100 percent.'' And Garrett doesn't really want to define "medical clearance.'' Indeed, when asked about the steps needed for Dez to play, Garrett remarked, “We have different processes we will go through to get him there. And then day by day we will measure it and see if he is able to do what we asked him to do. To see if he is capable of doing more or see if we should dial it back. We will make our decision as we go.


"We don't (write) these things down like the Magna Carta,'' Garrett said, smiling.

But actually, they do. There are specific steps. Dez must go through them. Wednesday is a big day, and Garrett's coyness invites the possibility that we should put the "whoa'' brakes on the idea he'll play in New York.

Randy Gregory's A Go - The rookie defensive end Randy Gregory said Tuesday he's "real excited" to play Sunday against the Giants, adding that he expects to "come out there and pick up where I left off."

Gregory sustained a high right ankle sprain in the opener against New York on Sept. 13, but before that was a force in the game, and in the preseason as well. He said he might be a little "rusty,'' noting that he's physically ready but, "Mentally, I think I'm still trying to get past that point that I can trust it enough to play on it."


The Cowboys envision Gregory and Tank Lawrence at the ends with Greg Hardy moving inside alongside Tyrone Crawford on passing downs against the Giants -- a concept that they hope tops New York physically and mentally.

No Cancer for Joe -- If you've read CHQ for the last eight days, you know the deal: Christine Michael is getting reps with Dallas' first-team offense, pointing to a Joe Randle reduction.

Randle on Tuesday talked a lot about going back home to Wichita to see his young son and to watch his nephew play Pop Warner football and dream the dream Randle himself once dreamt ... and now realized.

He says the experience granted him perspective. And he displayed that in his words.

"I just want to make sure that I'm out there every opportunity I get, whether they're throwing it to me or handing me the ball that I'm trying to make sure that I'm running the ball and doing the best things I can do to help the team win," Randle said. "I just want to be somebody good around the locker room that's not always mad about this and mad about that, making sure that I'm not a cancer in this locker room. So I'm not going to be the one complaining for carries and all this different stuff like that. That's not how I'm going to play."


Cowboys Quick Kicks -- Matt Cassel has lots of reasons to be "excited.'' He tells our Mike Fisher that his newborn son is named "Clayton Buren Cassel'' -- the "Buren'' pronounced like President Martin Van Buren (and Buren happens to be an old Cassel family name.) ... As we were first to report in this space, the Cowboys have a "special trip'' planned for New York, as they are leaving a day early, on Friday, to visit Ground Zero. ... The Cowboys have released LB Dakorey Johnson and RB Gus Johnson from the practice squad and signed LB Darius Eubanks and DT Casey Walker. ... Want to know where Dallas is regarding the salary cap? Or its 2016 compensatory picks? The best info on the planet is here. ... Don't tell anyone but Jason Garrett is currently on a 6-game road winning streak in the NFC East. Tom Landry's the only other guy to do that. Oh, and Garrett is also 12-3 in NFC East road games. Just sayin'.

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