Cowboys 'Questionable' Bryant: If I Play, I'm Not Thinking about (Limitations). Dez is Dez'

Dez Bryant is officially 'questionable' to play for Dallas on Sunday against the visiting Seahawks. The Cowboys star receiver is expressing cautious optimism, though, adding, ' "If I play, I'm not thinking about (limitations) ... Dez is Dez.' His Friday Q-and-A:

We're working the Dez Bryant story hard, of course. He returned to workouts this week, as he told Fish he would. He's progressed from 7-on-7 stuff on Wednesday to 11-on-11 on Thursday to the point on Friday at which he's listed as "questionable'' for the Seattle-at-Dallas game ... and after missing all but Game 1 with a broken bone in his foot, this is big stuff for 2-4 Dallas, as we detail in the Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast here.
We've also got Dez' Friday Q-and-A ... unedited and unfiltered. Straight from Dez to you:
ARE YOU PLAYING? -- "Don't know yet. We want to see how I feel through this week of practice. Feels good being back out there with my teammates. Practice has been great. I'm trying to be smart about it."
YOUR TEAMMATES THINK YOU'LL BE OUT THERE; DOES IT MEAN A LOT TO YOU? -- "It does mean a lot to me. I miss being out there. I think the same thing of them. I'm going to make sure I get with the trainers and talk with Mr. Jones and talk to Coach Garrett and go from there."
WHAT'S YOUR CONFIDENCE? -- "It's high. Stay high. If the decision was left all up to me, I would be playing. I told you that (kind of joking about it). But if the decision was left all up to me, hell yeah I'm playing."
HOW DIFFICULT WOULD IT BE TO KEEP YOU TO A PITCH COUNT? -- "We got to see about that. We got to see about that."
HOW TOUGH HAS IT BEEN TO BE OUT? -- "Yeah. Of course. That bothers me seeing my teammates. Because I'm a part of that. We lose together and I'm going to try my best to get out on the field and see what happens."
DO YOU HAVE TO GUARD AGAINST DOING TOO MUCH? -- "If I play, I'm not thinking about nothing. (If) I'm playing. ... Dez is Dez. If I'm thinking, I have myself a little situation. So, just going to see."
WHAT'S IT LIKE WORKING WITH CASSEL? -- "It's good. Matt's great. He can put the ball on the money. And if I do get out there Sunday, I can't wait to get out there with him."
HAVE THE CLEATS HELPED YOU OUT? -- "Yeah. They feel good. Feel real good. They're the size they are in my cleats. It's comfortable, very comfortable. Shout out to Jordan and Nike... shaping my foot. That kind of stuff."
DO YOU STILL FEEL YOU RUN THE DIVISION? -- " I meant what I said. I meant what I said. ... We have enough time. We’ve just got to continue to keep on believing. We’re a strong team, man. That’s exactly what we’re going to continue to keep doing. We came to practice today with high intensity and we’re just going to keep believing and sticking with each other and hope for the best."
DO YOU HAVE TO BE OUT THERE TO MAKE GOOD ON THAT PROMISE? -- "No matter if I was out there or not, we’ve just got to keep on believing and keep fighting and, like I said, believing in one another and wanting it more than the next team."
ARE YOU 100 PERCENT? -- "I feel good."
DO YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT GOING OUT THERE? -- "If I go out there, I’m not going out there to paint. I’m going out there to play football."
WAS THERE ANYTHING YOU COULDN'T DO IN PRACTICE? -- "It was just the coaches and trainers doing what they were supposed to do. Just holding me back, trying to ease my way into things. I kind of got a little bit beside myself, but it was all good. Practice was great."
DID YOU CUT IT LOOSE? -- "A little bit."
WILL YOU BE RETURNING PUNTS? -- "Ahh, no. No. Not at all."
WHAT DID THE TEAM MISS MOST FROM YOU SUNDAY? -- "Truthfully, to be honest, I don’t know. Everything I do is real. I just love being with my teammates. I tell them the truth and we go to battle."
HOW DIFFERENT IS THE OFFENSE WITH YOU ON THE FIELD? -- "That’s up to the opposing team. It’s however they look at me. I don’t think it’s no difference. It’s no difference with us. It’s just however people want to look at it."
DO YOU THINK YOU'LL SEE 10 TARGETS SUNDAY? -- "We’ll see. (Sherman) is a great player. It’s always good to go up against great players. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and we’re just going to have a good battle out there."
HOW LONG HAS THIS WAIT BEEN? -- "Oh man. It seems like a year. It seems like a year, man. If this is it, I am going to have a lot of fun."

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