Randle Scandal: Cowboys Cut RB 'Chairman'; Jerry On Other Monkey Business

Jerry Jones still thinks his team can throw a monkey wrench into the plans of the NFC East and come out on top. But part of the path is putting an end to the 'Randle Scandal.' Which has just been done.

At 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said 'there are several things we're weighing'' in regard to Joe Randle's future. At 11:30 a.m. on The Fan, our own Mike Fisher used the term "persona non grata'' regarding the troublesome running back. And at 12:21, Dallas waived the player tabbed to be the heir to DeMarco Murray and the "chairman'' of the Cowboys' Running-Back-by-Committee approach.

We broke down Randle's "When It Rains, It Pours'' troubles here. ... (remember why Dallas acquired C-Mike in the first place?) and now you know why Jerry was so careful with his Wednesday morning words on that subject ... if not a host of others in his visit with "Shan & RJ'':

WILL JOE RANDLE BE WITH THE TEAM SUNDAY? -- “We’re not planning on Joseph playing Sunday. Again, some of the other things we’ll be looking at over the next few days or certainly the next couple of weeks. I don’t have anything more to say other than I don’t anticipate him playing Sunday.”
WILL JOE RANDLE BE WITH THE TEAM FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON? -- “Again, I’m going to stop it right there because there’s several things we’re weighing right now, so let’s just leave it at that. The only thing that I would answer pretty specifically is that he won’t play Sunday.”

IS THERE REASON ROMO WON'T START AGAINST MIAMI? -- “No. There’s no reason.  He’s really doing well. You’d like to say ahead of schedule but who knows about that? But still, I know of no reason he won’t be playing at that time. He’s very involved. He’s, of course, going to be mentally ready. He stays ready there. But he’ll hopefully have the opportunity to physically get ready over these next two or three weeks. Hopefully we can get him some work in at practice and obviously will the week of the game. Hopefully we can get him some work in during these times right now.”
CHQ has reported since last Friday on Dallas' plan for Romo starting workouts on Wednesday.
IS THERE A CONCERN ABOUT A QUICK TURNAROUND AFTER MIAMI? --  “No, because he’s mentally prepared, so he’ll be doing work that gives him the physical ability to play the game, I’m talking about as far as just his conditioning and that type of thing. Then as far as really getting to see what he’s going to be looking at, there will be plenty of days to get him ready for that.”
IS THERE MORE OF AN APPRECIATION FOR ROMO? -- “Well I’m going to say that’s a mixed bag to answer that question. Unfortunately, I was hoping that maybe we could come in here and have the success on the field -- and this really reflects on the quarterback, we all know the game -- and we might have a quarterback controversy. Wouldn’t that have been a great issue when he came back? But let’s all smile on that one so that we don’t get that seriously going across the [ticker]. The whole point is, lets’ not worry about the quarterback controversy, we need him back under center.”
HOW DID YOU FEEL ABOUT THE GREG HARDY INTERCEPTION? -- "Gosh. I'd like to say everybody that we brought in, that's the kind of play we brought them in for. But he's a great player. And I'm going to say that without equivocation. So, certainly if we need to justify or whatever you say, that's a good example of what he can do for the team. I just still can't believe the competitiveness in that quarterback that was able to tackle him. Can you imagine that quarterback running down 280 pounds? That was a lot of luck there to get him down with that tackle or he scores and we have a different ballgame."
HAVE YOU THANKED GOD YOU'RE IN THE NFC EAST THIS YEAR? -- "That's certainly one of the things I thank him for. I almost on the hour in some manner thank Him, seriously, for the blessing. The blessing, I'm serious about the life that I get to have. And, so, you bet. But I just got to say that that's one of the many things that I ought to say. I've often said that I can't pout very long. I'm talking about a matter of minutes or seconds because I've had such fortunate life that lightning would strike me and everybody around me if I pouted too long, some of these negative things that happened."
HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ABOUT THE NFC EAST? -- "I see teams that have a chance to be more than they were in the first six, seven games of the year. I see it really across the board. And, so, I don't have it as a given. I see the Giants adding some help there that I know they look forward to making them a better team. But they've lost some close ones. And of course we have an appreciation for them. We don't get to play them again, but we need some people to knock them off. Same thing about Washington. Those guys still have a chance to, first of all, they play us twice and we have a lot of respect for them. So, when I look at it, I say the all for all, all the teams in the East, this thing is far from over and far from being cast as to how that division is going to look."
DOES THE NFL NEED TO STATE WHAT IS A CATCH WITH INSTANT REPLAY? -- "I've had about five or six times in my time in the NFL that I've had the time to vote for or against instant replay, both at the committee level, the competition committee level, or at the overall ownership level. I think I'm 50-50. I've voted for it about half time and voted against it the other half. And the issues, of course, are the camera angles. You can't have camera every place. You have transparency that does -- there's no question that instant replay undermines the judgment of the official on the field. We all agreed to assign judgment of the guy that's making the call. But this instant replay is very transparent. It's here to stay. Don't get me wrong. And it serves a very good purpose. But if you've got ambiguity or you have really confusion in the makeup of any rule or interpretation, then instant replay is going to expose it and has. And, so, it just gives us a bar that we have to continue to work for it in the NFL to get those decisions right. We've seen it. You could, somebody can, there's enough people out there with flags plus the fact that you've got interpretation in the rules that you could throw that flag every play."
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE BLAME GARRETT'S BEEN GETTING? -- "Just to be expected. And we feel strongly about the job that he's doing in a positive way. However, because of what we do here, the life we've chosen, 2-5 record if you're coach or if you're a general manager or you're an owner, you're going to get it. And rightfully so really, even though a big part of my job is when asked by you guys or others is to point out we've got a route here. We've got a way to go that could end up really making a great story out of this season. And, so, we want to take that route and that's what we want to try to accomplish. That's the beauty of what we get to do. It's not scripted in any way. And it's very real. There are no producers out here producing these shows. You just don't know how it's going to fall. And we're very below where we expected to be relative to our record. On the other hand, we could put together a heck of a team here as we go forward the next few weeks ahead."
WAS DEZ AT 100 PERCENT ON SUNDAY? -- "Well, I did see things that we've a little difficulty doing with other players. And that's not to criticize other players, but he made two great plays on the ball to save interceptions. And you need that. The quarterback will tell you firsthand, boy, we need receivers when they can be to be great defensive players when the secondary has positioned themselves and are ready to make a play. He did that. I've got to tell you that I was impressed with how he came back out there. Obviously he's missed a lot. He's missed some in training camp and then he's missed the last few weeks. How could anyone expect us in the area of timing? He's playing with a different quarterback than the one he expects to be playing with or the one that he's got play time with Romo over the years. How could you expect him to be at the top of his game? I thought he had a real good outing. Let's put it like that. He'll be the first to tell you that none of this works and let's see him make a play that helps us win. If we had won that game, I can point to at least two plays that he made that were really material in the game to help us win."
WHY DON'T TRADES HAPPEN IN THE NFL AT THE DEADLINE? -- "Well, because, first of all, the NFL is so competitive that as you approach the trade deadline and there are as many as two-thirds of the teams still in the hunt, in other sports, especially as I would observe baseball, you have teams that determine that to some degree either they're out of it or chances have really been diminished. So, then you have a way to think about the future in terms of draft picks or player or player that's now, as the one last night Davis the tight end that San Francisco [mumbling]... probably thinking, and we should all be thinking about the future. But Davis going on over to Denver was an aggressive Denver move for now. And certainly Davis is good enough player that he could help any team on a game to game basis for sure."
HAVE YOU MET DALLAS BRYANT YET? -- "I missed the monkey. You know, the monkey thing is pretty humorous. I am a monkey fan. I can stand in a zoo and look at them all day long and die laughing. My dad was in the wild animal business and had over 5,000 wild animals. And he always was, no matter what, he would hand somebody a card and say, 'Be sure and come out and visit my monkeys.' And we've got quite a show that goes on. One of the biggest issues with that one is that one time a monkey jumped up on the roof of a car. You drove through about nine miles and you drove monkeys and drove through a lot of other things. No predators loose, but the monkeys, people had their windows down on both sides. The monkey hit the driver's side width-length of the car and on his way by, a little girl pulled a bunch of hair out. And of course that was quite a big issue. And the talk of them will compare to us for months ahead. I've loved the experience around monkeys."

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