Cowboys 100: Facts + Figures for Eagles II

We're still waiting all week for the Cowboys to snap their five-game losing streak, so check out our facts! Which NFC East team has an advantage with Ed Hochuli as referee? How much does facing a playoff-winless quarterback help Dallas? What's Chip Kelly's bye record? We've got that and much more, so check out our facts!

Both the Cowboys and Eagles are trying to get healthy for Sunday. In Dallas, that means "non-roster member'' Tony Romo can ramp-up for a while at practice ... but more importantly for this weekend, it means offensive guys like Dez Bryant and defensive guys like Barry Church need to be as good as they can be ...

That is, obviously, a process going forward. But "Cowboys 100'' is also about history lessons, trends and unique numbers ...



This is the 12th-straight season a game from the Dallas-Philadelphia series will be in prime time, making it the longest prime time streak in current NFL rivalries.


This is the 21st prime time game the Cowboys will play against the Eagles. It is the third-most against a divisional opponent in Dallas history but the most against any divisional opponent in Philadelphia history.


This is the third time in series history that both teams will debut with losing records in prime time. The ledger is even at 1-1.


The Cowboys are looking for their 19th sweep against the Eagles, the second-most against divisional opponents in club history.


The Eagles have staved off a sweep by the Cowboys 11/29 times in series history.


This is the fourth time in Cowboys history the team is 2-5. The other three instances (1965, 1988, 2001) did not result in playoff berths.


In 1988, the Eagles were responsible for helping the Cowboys fall to 2-6 on the season, a season that ultimately was legendary head coach Tom Landry’s last with Dallas.


The last time the Cowboys were at the bottom of the division after Week 8 was in 2010 when they were 1-6.


This is the sixth time since 2009 that the Eagles are in second place in the division after Week 8.


This is the 16th time since 1940 in Eagles history they have started 3-4. Only 3/15 of those teams made the postseason.


Since 1990, only 4/144 teams that started 2-5 have made the postseason.


Since 1990, 29/153 teams that started 3-4 made the playoffs.


The Cowboys are 36-22 against the Eagles at home, including playoffs. Here is a breakdown by venue:


Cotton Bowl: 7-4

Texas Stadium: 26-14

AT&T Stadium: 3-4


A loss Sunday would give the Eagles’ a three-game winning streak at AT&T Stadium, the second-longest winning streak in that venue since the Giants’ four-game streak from 2009-12.


The Eagles are 1-2 against the Cowboys when Philadelphia is coming off of its bye.


Dallas is 16-11 against Philadelphia in November.





Cassel has a 4-6 record in prime time games with a 1-2 record on Sunday Night Football.


Cassel’s 43 yards on four carries last week were the second-most yards gained rushing in his career. The 24-yard rush was the longest of his career.


Cassel is 1-1 against the Eagles all-time. The loss came with the Chiefs on Sept. 27, 2009 while the win came with the Vikings on Dec. 15, 2013 when the 3-9-1 Vikings defeated the 8-5 Eagles 48-30 at home.


This is the first time Cassel has helmed a 2-5 team.


Cassel is 7/16 when it comes to snapping a losing streak as a starter.


Cassel’s zero touchdowns and interceptions was the first time since Sept. 28, 2009 that a Cowboys quarterback completed a game without throwing for a score or committing a turnover. That quarterback was Tony Romo.


Cassel is 2-4 against the NFC East with a 1-2 record at home.


The sixth-best passer rating of Cassel’s career came against the Eagles on Sept. 27, 2009. Cassel went 14/18 for 90 yards and two touchdowns and a 124.5 passer rating in a 34-14 loss.


Cassel has had 21 games with a passer rating of 100 or greater. His last such game was on Sept. 7, 2014 against the Rams in a 34-6 win.


Cassel is 1-0 against Sam Bradford. On Dec. 19, 2010, Cassel led the Chiefs to a 27-13 win in St. Louis going 15/29 for 184 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.





This is just the third time in Bradford’s career he has made it to Week Nine healthy.


This is the third time in Bradford’s career that he has compiled a 3-4 record after his team’s first seven games of the season.


Bradford’s nine touchdowns through the first seven games ties his rookie season where he also tossed nine touchdowns through the Rams’ first seven games, the most of his career.


Bradford’s 10 interceptions through seven games is the most of his career to start the season. In 2010 and 2012, while tossing eight and six respectively, he topped out at 15 and 13 through 16 games.


Bradford’s 76.4 passer rating is his second-best start through seven games in his career. The top passer rating of 81.5 happened in 2012.


Bradford is 2-6-1 in divisional road games in his career.


Bradford is 2-6 in prime time games with an 0-5 record on the road.


Bradford has improved helped his team to a win with a 3-4 record only 1/3 times.


Bradford has an 0-3 record against the NFC East on the road.


Bradford’s 48 attempts on Sept. 22, 2013 when he was with the Rams are still the fifth-most passes he has thrown in a game in his career.





Garrett has completed a series sweep 5/8 times since taking over as the Cowboys head coach in 2010.


Garrett is 6-8 against the NFC East at home. As bad as it appears, the ledger is on par with the rest of the NFC East’s records at home since 2010:


New York: 8-9

Philadelphia: 8-9

Washington: 7-9

Garrett: 6-8


Garrett is 1-4 against the Eagles at home, by far his worst record against a divisional opponent in AT&T Stadium:


Washington: 3-2

New York: 3-3

Philadelphia: 1-4


Garrett has completed a series sweep at home only 1/3 times. That lone sweep was against the Eagles in 2012, which is also his lone win against the Eagles at AT&T Stadium.


Garrett’s five sweeps in the NFC East through 79 regular season games is tied for second-best in franchise history:

Barry Switzer: 6

Jimmy Johnson: 5

Chan Gailey: 5

Jason Garrett: 5

Bill Parcells: 4

Wade Phillips: 3

Dave Campo: 2

Tom Landry: 0


With a 2-5 record, Garrett joins Tom Landry and Dave Campo as the only Cowboys head coaches to start a season with such a record.


Garrett is 21-12 against teams with losing records with an 11-5 record at home.


Garrett has now matched Wade Phillips’ five-game losing streak that cost him his job and ultimately elevated Garrett to interim head coach in 2010. The average margin of defeat in those games for Phillips was 13.8 points. For Garrett, the margin of defeat has been 9.8 points.


The last time the Cowboys lost 13-12 was on Oct. 18, 1998 in Chicago. Incidentally, Garrett was filling in for an injured Troy Aikman. It was the second such 13-12 loss Garrett sustained in 1998. In fact, 3/4 of the franchise’s 13-12 losses have come either due to Garrett being under center or as head coach.


Last week was the fifth time in the Jason Garrett era that the Cowboys won the turnover differential but lost the game.


Garrett has a 3-2 record against Chip Kelly. Here is it compares to other head coaches who were or are in the division:


Tom Coughlin: 7-4

Chip Kelly: 3-2

Andy Reid: 3-3

Mike Shanahan: 5-2

Jay Gruden: 1-1





Including his stop at Oregon, Chip Kelly has a 7-1 post-bye record. As an NFL head coach, he is 1-1 coming off a bye week.


Kelly’s 1-1 post-bye record is nowhere near Andy Reid’s 13-1 mark, but here is how it compares to Eagles history:


Andy Reid: 13-1

Rich Kotite: 3-2

Chip Kelly: 1-1

Buddy Ryan: 1-0

Ray Rhodes: 2-2


Kelly has yet to be swept in the NFC East. He is 0/1 at staving off a sweep, having done that on Dec. 29, 2013 when the Eagles defeated the Cowboys 24-22 to win the NFC East.


The last time Kelly was 3-4 was in 2013 after losing his first game against Dallas on Oct. 20, 2013.


Kelly is 12-4 against teams with a losing record with a 5-4 record on the road.


12/23 of Kelly’s NFL wins have come against teams with losing records.


Kelly is 5-2 in the NFC East on the road compared to 4-4 at home.


Kelly has two wins at AT&T Stadium. A win Sunday would give him undisputed third place for most wins in Dallas in Eagles history:


Buddy Ryan: 4-1

Ray Rhodes: 8-6

Chip Kelly: 2-0

Nick Skorich: 2-1

Joe Kuharich: 2-3

Dick Vermeil: 2-5



Kelly is 7-2 in prime time games with a 3-2 record on the road. It is the best winning percentage in the NFC East in such games since 2013.





The last time the Cowboys snapped a losing streak on Sunday Night Football was Oct. 13, 2013 with a 31-16 win over Washington to improve to 3-3.


The Eagles have a 5-7 record at home on Sunday Night Football, including playoffs and NFL Specials.


Dallas has a 9-6 road record on Sunday Night Football, including playoffs and NFL Specials.


This is the 35th NFC East game on Sunday Night Football since 2006.


The Cowboys are 45-32 when Al Michaels calls their games.


USA Today

The Eagles are 30-31 when Al Michaels does play-by-play.


The Cowboys are 18-17 when Cris Collinsworth calls their games.


The Eagles are 21-17 when Cris Collinsworth calls their games.


The last time the Cowboys had a 2-1 record on Sunday Night Football was 2009 when the club beat Philadelphia and Washington on the road but lost to New York at home en route to an 11-5 record and the NFC East title.


The Eagles have played on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on NBC.





This week’s referee is the renowned Ed Hochuli, unofficial arch-referee of the NFL. He has officiated memorable Cowboys games, from the 1993 Thanksgiving game with Miami to the 1995 NFC Championship game, Dallas’ last conference championship game appearance. Dallas is 13-6 when he referees. Here are the results since 1999:



1999 – @NO, 24-31 – L

2000 – CIN, 23-6 – W

2000 – @Titans, 0-31 – L

2001 – WAS, 9-7 – W

2001 – NYG, 20-13 – W

2002 – Titans, 21-13 – W

2002 – PHI, 3-27 – L

2003 – CAR, 24-20 – W

2004 – CLE, 19-12 – W

2004 – PHI, 21-49 – L

2005 – DET, 20-7 – W

2007 – NYG, 45-35 – W

2008 – Ravens, 24-33 – L

2009 – PHI, 34-14 – W

2011 – WAS, 18-16 – W

2011 – @WAS, 27-24 – W-OT

2012 – CLE, 23-20 – W-OT

2013 – @SD, 21-30 – L

2014 – @CHI, 41-28 – W




Since 1999, when Hochuli has refereed a Cowboys game, Dallas has won the penalty battle 7/18 of the contests:


1999 – NO: 6/32; DAL: 11/86

2000 – CIN: 7/94; DAL: 13/100

2000 – Titans: 7/51; DAL: 7/51

2001 – WAS: 7/60; DAL: 3/22

2001 – NYG: 2/15; DAL: 6/45

2002 – Titans: 6/55; DAL: 2/15

2002 – PHI: 10/67; DAL: 7/69

2003 – CAR: 11/68; DAL: 10/123

2004 – CLE: 6/31; DAL: 11/120

2004 – PHI: 9/59; DAL: 7/50

2005 – DET: 17/129; DAL: 5/40

2007 – NYG: 4/45; DAL: 7/55

2008 – Ravens: 3/19; DAL: 10/86

2009 – PHI: 9/116; DAL: 14/112

2011 – WAS: 4/35; DAL: 6/55

2011 – WAS: 6/59; DAL: 9/48

2012 – CLE: 12/129; DAL: 9/92

2013 – SD: 7/85; DAL: 5/33

2014 – CHI: 9/54; DAL: 8/97




Hochuli has the third-best home team winning percentage:


Bill Vinovich: 1.000

John Parry: .875

Ed Hochuli: .857

Walt Coleman: .714

Jerome Boger: .625

Jeff Triplette: .625

Gene Steratore: .571

Pete Morelli: .571

Terry McAulay: .571

Ron Torbert: .571

Carl Cheffers: .571

Craig Wrolstad: .428

Clete Blakeman: .428

Brad Allen: .333

Tony Corrente: .333

Walt Anderson: .333

John Hussey: .143



Hochuli is tied with Pete Morelli for the sixth-worst percentage of the home team having fewer penalties:


Brad Allen: .883

Jeff Triplette: .714

Terry McAulay: .714

Craig Wrolstad: .714

Carl Cheffers: .643

Clete Blakeman: .571

Bill Vinovich: .571

John Parry: .500

Tony Corrente: .500

Walt Anderson: .500

Pete Morelli: .426

Ed Hochuli: .426

Jerome Boger: .375

Ron Torbert: .286

Gene Steratore: .286

Walt Coleman: .286

John Hussey: .143



Since 1999, the Eagles are 8-7 when Hochuli referees their games:


2000 – @NYG, 10-20 – L

2002 – @DAL, 27-3 – W

2003 – WAS, 27-25 – W

2003 – GB, 20-17 – W-OT

2004 – @CHI, 19-3 – W

2004 – @DAL, 49-21 – W

2006 – JAX, 6-13 – L

2007 – CHI, 16-19 – L

2009 – @ATL, 34-7 – W

2009 – DAL, 14-34 – L

2010 – @Titans, 19-37 – L

2012 – WAS, 20-27 – L

2013 – @Raiders, 49-20 – W

2013 – DET, 34-20 – W

2014 – @SF, 26-21 – L




The Eagles have had fewer penalties than their opponents 7/15 times since 1999:


2000 – NYG: 4/18; PHI: 6/50

2002 – DAL: 7/69; PHI: 10/67

2003 – WAS: 11/85; PHI: 7/86

2003 – GB: 6/45; PHI: 3/25

2004 – CHI: 4/36; PHI: 10/73

2004 – DAL: 7/50; PHI: 9/59

2006 – JAX: 5/44; PHI: 8/50

2007 – CHI: 7/51; PHI: 5/32

2009 – ATL: 6/30; PHI: 8/62

2009 – DAL: 14/112; PHI: 9/116

2010 – Titans: 6/37; PHI: 10/100

2012 – WAS: 3/24; PHI: 4/25

2013 – Raiders: 8/70; PHI: 7/52

2013 – DET: 9/48; PHI: 1/5

2014 – SF: 10/80; PHI: 10/70





Hochuli is right in the middle for sacks per game league-wide:


Walt Anderson: 5.8

Jeff Triplette: 5.8

Clete Blakeman: 5.7

Terry McAulay: 5.3

Ron Torbert: 5.1

Tony Corrente: 4.8

John Hussey: 4.7

Carl Cheffers: 4.6

Ed Hochuli: 4.4

Pete Morelli: 4.3

John Parry: 4.3

Craig Wrolstad: 4.1

Gene Steratore: 4.1

Walt Coleman: 4

Jerome Boger: 3.8

Bill Vinovich: 3.3

Brad Allen: 3.2



Hochuli has the sixth-lowest average for offensive holding calls per game:


Tony Corrente: 4.5

Jerome Boger: 4.4

Jeff Triplette: 4.4

John Parry: 4.3

Terry McAulay: 4.1

John Hussey: 4.1

Walt Anderson: 3.7

Craig Wrolstad: 3.6

Carl Cheffers: 3.6

Ron Torbert: 3.6

Pete Morelli: 3.4

Ed Hochuli: 3.3

Walt Coleman: 2.7

Bill Vinovich: 2.6

Brad Allen: 2.5

Clete Blakeman: 2.4

Gene Steratore: 2.1




Under Hochuli, the Cowboys have won 1/3 challenges while the opponents have won 4/8 challenges. Replay Assistant is 0/9 with five decisions favoring Dallas.



The Eagles have never won a challenge under Hochuli with two tries. Their opponents however are 4/6. Replay Assistant is 0/6 with three of those decisions benefiting Philadelphia.






Since 2010, the Cowboys are 26-16 against quarterbacks who have not won playoff games compared to 19-22 who have.


Since 2013, the Eagles are 15-4 against quarterbacks who have not won in the postseason compared to 7-13 who have.


The Eagles defense is first in the NFL in turnovers with 19. The Cowboys are 31st with only four.


The Cowboys have the third-worst turnover differential with minus-8. The Eagles are tied for sixth-best with plus-4.


Dallas’ defense is tied for seventh-fewest sacks in the league with 13.


The Cowboys offense is tied for the 13th-fewest holding penalties with 10. The Eagles are tied with for the 11th-most with 12.


Dallas is second in the league for most false starts with 14. Meanwhile, Philadelphia has been the beneficiary of 12 false starts, the fifth-most in the league.


The Cowboys offense averages 4.5 yards per carry, good for eighth in the league. The Eagles defense only allows 4.0 yards per carry, which is the 13th-best in the NFL.


If time of possession determined wins and not points, the Cowboys would be 5-2 while the Eagles would still be 3-4.


Dez Bryant has helped the Cowboys to a 4-4 record in games played against the Eagles. On average, he catches six catches for 84 yards and a touchdown.


The highest number of touchdowns Bryant scored in a game was three and it came against the Eagles last year on Dec. 14.


The second-highest number of targets in Bryant’s career came in a game against the Eagles on Oct. 20, 2013 when Romo threw 16 passes to Bryant. He caught eight of them for 110 yards to help Dallas defeat Philadelphia 17-3.


Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams seems to “show up” against Philadelphia. The second-most catches in his career came as a rookie in game against them on Oct. 20, 2013 when he caught six passes for 71 yards and a touchdown. His game for second-most yards came earlier this year on Sept. 20 when he grabbed four passes for 84 yards and a touchdown.


Philadelphia running back Darren Sproles’ fifth-best game for receiving yards came against Dallas when he was with the Saints on Dec. 23, 2012 when he caught seven balls for 104 yards.


Eagles running back Ryan Mathews’ 6.1 yards per carry is tied with St. Louis Rams running back Todd Gurley for the highest in the league with a minimum of 50 carries.


Former Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has played in six games while current Dallas running back Darren McFadden has played in seven. Murray has carried the ball 88 times while McFadden has carried it 86 times. Murray has gained 307 yards while McFadden has 345. Murray has three rushing touchdowns while McFadden has two. Murray averages 3.5 yards per carry while McFadden averages an even 4.0. Murray averages 51.2 yards per game while McFadden averages 49.3.


Eagles receiver Riley Cooper’s most catches in a game came against Dallas on Oct. 20, 2013 when he grabbed six catches for 88 yards in the Eagles’ 17-3 loss to the Cowboys. It was also his fifth-highest game for receiving yards.


Eagles kicker Caleb Sturgis is exactly 9/11 on field goals and extra points.


Of Sturgis’ two misses this season, each have come in the 30-39 range and also the 50-plus range.


Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey is tied with seven other kickers for 100 percent accuracy on field goals this season. Bailey has the third-most attempts among the eight kicks with 14.


Joseph Randle, now an ex-Cowboy, is still tied for fourth-most touchdowns in the league with four. He has more than any current Eagles running back.


The Cowboys are 4-3 on 11/8. Here are the results:


1964 – @NYG, 31-21 – W

1970 – @NYG, 20-23 – L

1987 – @DET, 17-24 – L

1992 – @DET, 37-3 – W

1998 – NYG, 16-6 – W

1999 – @MIN, 17-27 – L

2009 – @PHI, 20-16 – W


The Cowboys have two birthdays to celebrate on Nov. 8:


John Warren, P, 1983-84 – 11/8/1960

Johnny Holloway, DB, 1986 – 11/8/1963

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