Dez' Present? A Cowboys Presence Of Romo At Practice

Dez Bryant's birthday present at Wednesday's practice? A peppy Tony Romo. A gift for the offense? An intriguing weapon in a post-Randle time. Get to know Trey Williams in his Q-and-A:

The best birthday present for Dez Bryant on Wednesday? The return to the practice field of Tony Romo.

The Cowboys’ All-Pro quarterback took the field for the first time since breaking his collarbone on Sept. 20.  Romo threw passes and worked with the receivers during individual drills but did not participate in team work, we're told.

“We anticipate him throwing a little bit, doing some pat-and-go hopefully and then throwing some individual routes with the group and then hopefully a little bit on the side as well,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett before the workout.

Romo isn't ready to play this weekend against Philadelphia ... and cannot do so. He is still on the short-term IR, meaning  he must remain inactive for eight weeks. Romo is  available to play for the Cowboys on Nov. 22 at Miami and all indications are he is on track to do so.

But Romo on the field gives this team some bounce, even if it's only to help Matt Cassel ready himself. Dez Bryant does the same as he works to improve from his two-catch performance in last week's loss to Seattle, his first game back after surgery on his foot.

Bryant is listed as a limited participant from Wednesday. Safety Barry Church (ankle) did not participate in practice. Newly-signed running back Trey Williams did, however.  The Cowboys signed the undrafted free-agent rookie away from the Redskins practice squad to fill the roster spot of the departed Joe Randle.

Here's Williams' Q-and-A session:

WHAT'S IT LIKE BEING A COWBOY? -- "I was more than surprised. I can’t even explain it. Growing up as a little kid, this is my favorite team. I can only just give thanks to God and just keep giving my all."
WHAT WERE YOU DOING WHEN YOU GOT THE NEWS? -- "Well, my agent called me and put my mom on the phone. We just pretty much cried together. This is it. I’m just going to keep giving my all. It’s never going to change."
WHAT'S IT LIKE BEING REUNITED WITH CMIKE AND SHOWERS? -- "CMike’s like my brother. We always joking around. It’s just a good vibe when I’m around my brother. I’m real happy to be here. I’m more than happy to be here. I’m just ready to go and get all the plays, because it’s pretty similar to what I’ve been doing."
DO YOU EXPECT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RETURN GAME? -- "Yes. Just kick return. Kick return. Some punt return maybe. I know Beasley and 13 still got their thing going, but for the most part, we’ve got a kick return on deck, so I’m just ready to get everything popping."
WHY WERE YOU TIRED? -- "We just came as a Redskin, I just came from the bye week. Just coming back on the field and getting back in there and running and running and running, it was killing me."
DOES DUNBAR'S ROLE FIT YOU? -- "For sure. Dunbar is an elusive guy, quick, and I feel like I fit that role as well. I feel like I have the speed and the quickness and the elusiveness to get past defenders. I’ll prove that and I’ll show people why the Cowboys picked me up."
WAS IT TOUGH TO LEAVE WASHINGTON? -- "I had a lot of relationships with the Redskins, just a whole different, a lot of different personalities. It was a pretty good building. But for the most part, you got to do what you got to do and when your name gets called, you got to take advantage."
WHAT'S YOUR BIGGEST IMPRESSION OF NFL LIFE? -- "Well it’s a grind and it’s definitely a business, but for the most part you got to do what’s best for you and you got to stay positive through it all because you never know when your name is going to get called. I’m here now and I’m not looking back."
WHEN DID THEY CALL? -- "Yeah, they called me actually at 6 o’clock and I was at the mall buying a suit and the next thing you know I’m over here crying in the store and stuff, but it was a joy and I’m just thankful and I thank the man upstairs every day."
WHEN DID YOU CATCH A FLIGHT? -- "My flight, I caught a flight at 9:05 [last night]. I got caught in traffic. I was actually with Jameson Crowder for the Redskins, that was my boy up there. He was happy for me. When we got down there, we were actually caught in traffic. I didn’t know if I was going to make the flight because I was caught in traffic and I was like 45 minutes from the airport."
DID THE PERSON AT THE STORE ASK WHY YOU WERE CRYING? -- "Yeah, J, was like you alright, bro, you good? I’m good. I was losing my mind. I’m a Cowboy now. I’m just grateful and happy to be here."
DID YOU GET TO GRAB SOME STUFF BEFORE THE FLIGHT? -- "Yeah, I had to. I just threw it in there. It was almost like I, kind of like a female, just get the stuff and get on out of there, you know? I was just so happy, man."
WHAT'S IT LIKE GOING FROM WAS TO DAL? -- “I feel great, man. I feel great.”
WHO WAS YOUR TEAM IN HOUSTON? -- “Cowboys. Cowboys, for sure. Cowboys. This is a dream come true. I grew up watching America’s Team. So, I’m here, and like I said, I’m going to take advantage of it and prove to people why I’m here.”
WHAT'S THE SIMILARITY BETWEEN WAS AND DAL SYSTEMS? -- “Terminology is definitely different, but for the most part it’s kind of the same stuff. There’s some little different things, but it’s similar stuff.”

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