The Romo Transcript: No 'Superman' Talk - In Cowboys QB's Own Words

Tony Romo is not trying to be a 'savior' or a 'Superman.' If you read his words inside - without our comment and unedited and raw - you see the returning QB is simply trying to help his Cowboys be a little bit more 'Major League.'

Cowboys QB Tony Romo met the media on Wednesday as he preps for his return to the field in time to oppose the Dolphins in Miami this weekend. It's THE story at Valley Ranch, and we offer you his words ... no snark ... no spin ... no editing ... Just Tony.

WHAT'S THE REHAB PROCESS BEEN LIKE FOR YOU? -- It’s been good. Rehabbing has gone good. The training staff and weight-room guys have done a good job getting back at it. So we feel good this week."

WHAT'S IT BEEN LIKE TO WATCH THESE LAST SEVEN GAMES? -- "Anytime you are losing in the National Football League, it’s tough on everybody. Sometimes it is tougher when you are not able to help your team as far as physically being on the field. The guys left it on the field. I’m really inspired by the way they just committed every week. And obviously he results weren’t exactly what they wanted, or anybody (wanted). But I think when you watch how they play I think it gives us a great opportunity to still go out and accomplish the goals. We just have very little room for error."

DO YOU HAVE TO BALANCE INSPIRATION WITH BEING SUPERMAN? -- "Usually you just do your job, if you do it well enough that will take care of the things that come with this game. For me, it’s about going out and being yourself and really just being the quarterback for this team. I don’t have to do anything more. And I think our team is plenty good enough to go out and compete and give ourselves opportunities to win."


DO YOU SEE FANS APPRECIATING YOUR PLAY? -- "I think anytime that you are not playing, people want you to play. I think that’s just part of the National Football League and playing quarterback, you know, just part of it."

IS IT TOUGH TO FEEL LIKE YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAVE THE DAY? -- "No, the tough part will mostly just be the feeling of playing in it without, you are used to having a preseason or a training camp after a long layoff. The practices have been very important, I feel like. There’s a lot of situational thinking that goes into it that I feel like are advantages for some of the top quarterbacks. Those are the things you have to really address because they come up everyday when you are in camp or playing football games. When you are not, they can be overshadowed somewhat by some other things. And when you come back you have to work on technique, footwork, you know, just some of the normal things. And in that, you can sometimes lose the situational thinking in the process. You have to fight that battle. That will be the biggest issue coming back."

HOW DO YOU STAY ENGAGED WHILE OUT? -- "Yeah, I think it was important just to be around and obviously I want to help the football team win any way I can. When I can go out and help the other quarterback or anybody on a specific play or thought process and come up with something we have used against a certain coverage in the past, that’s just to everyone’s benefit."

ELABORATE ON YOUR TWEET AND ALSO YOUR WORDS TO BRADY -- "I think at no point when you play this game do you envision being 2-7. I think no one thought we’d be in this position and, you know, we are. You just to have to accept that and understand where we are and from here it’s mostly about winning one game, winning this week. When you start losing games, it’s easy to make that switch and get back it’s hard to get going. It’s the same thing with winning. If you can get on a roll, I think that can carry over a little bit and I think the guys played well and they are continuing to get better each week. Now we just have to figure out a way to get the results."

HOW DO YOU LOOK AT THIS TEAM TWO GAMES OUT OF FIRST PLACE? -- "Yeah, I don’ t think about anything other than beating the Dolphins this week and doing what I have to do today to give us the best chance. Like I said, if I go out and do all of the small, little things to give me a chance not to be as rusty when you come back, I think that will allow me to play hopefully a decent game that gives us a chance and from there I think our team gains confidence if you’re lucky enough to win and you keep going. Sports is a great thing. That’s it."

WHAT'S YOUR MESSAGE TO TEAMMATES? -- "I understand what it’s like when you have had a losing streak like we’ve had. It’s tough. It’s tough to know. But I think the guys understand where we’re at. I think they also understand that the season is not over. It’s far from it. I think right now we just need to understand that we’re getting started and we’ve got to go do our job and do it to the best of our ability and start getting this thing on the roll."

WHAT'S THE REACTION BEEN TO THE TWEET? -- "I don’t know. You send something out and then you let it go. But I think I want everyone to know we’re not done yet."

ARE YOU READY TO TAKE A HIT ON THE COLLARBONE? -- "You won’t know. I think honestly every time you come there are going to be a few weeks where you’re risking it. That’s part of when you’re coming back from a collarbone at seven or eight weeks or whatever. It’s just always the re-break ability is going to be there. That’s a real thing. It happens all of the time in the NFL. But you got to go play. You don’t have much wiggle room."

DO YOU FEEL LIKE THE LOSING STREAK CONTRIBUTED TO THE LOCKER-ROOM DISTURBANCES? -- "I think that any time you're losing everything gets talked about and amped up a little bit more. And there's reasons for it. Sometime it can be as simple as they made the right call against the right coverage. That doesn't sound as cool or as important as the other stuff. Sometimes it can be a guy got beat. And other times it can be that we made plenty of plays in the past that guys that guys made plays, so it pushes other things to the side. When you're not winning games, everything gets magnified."

WHAT DO YOU SEE FROM THE DOLPHINS DEFENSE UP FRONT? -- "They're good. They play hard. You can see they are a physical group. I think Dan has them playing with great energy and I think it will be a good test for us. I think it'll be easier at the starting spots coming of off the layoff. But I think if we can go get ourselves a win on the road against a team that's playing real good defensively, that will be something for our team to grab onto and move on from there."

HOW DO YOU COME BACK KNOWING YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY RUST? -- "Yeah. We know where we're at. I think when you have seven losses, you don't have much room. But if you think about that, you're going down a path where you're trying to do too much. You're trying to think about the big picture. And I've found that the big picture will take care of itself if we go get one win. And then we go from there. My job is to hopefully not have the kind of rust that can happen after this kind of layoff. And I've had it before. I've thought about that. I've tried to do certain things to help that. Until you play though, it is the National Football League. There are going to be certain things that you have to go through, but hopefully they're only a couple of plays than more than that."

WOULD YOU HAVE COME EARLIER IF NOT FOR IR-TO-RETURN? -- "I mean, it's risky no matter when you come back. That's part of the collarbone. It heals, but it's a bone. It doesn't completely stay solid per se for an extended period of time. So, you have to -- you just know that you could possibly really just break it really easily, easier this time. So, no matter when you come back, it's going to be that way. So, I think our staff did a great job, our training staff getting this ready."

HAS THIS COMPROMISED YOUR BACK AND CORE WORK? -- "No, if anything it's been the last month or so has been pretty good. I took about a week off because you can't do much from really anything with a broken collarbone physically. And then from there you end up kind of getting into the routine and mine was the back stuff. And it's been built up. I feel like it's at its strongest since I've gone through back surgery. So, I'm excited about that aspect of it."

WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING ROMO WEDNESDAYS? -- "There are multiple reasons on that. I think that just knowing how the process of weeks are you want to be as normal as it is. At the same time its in the best interest of the torque you put on your back to go four out of five days, plus coming back on the short week to get ready to go. You are going to end of throwing the football, putting the torque maybe a hair too much if you pushed it. So we threw a little bit early in the week. So it was in the best interest of getting ready to play in the game."

IS IT A LESSON LEARNED FROM NOT RECOVERING FROM A SHORT WEEK? -- "Yeah. Short weeks are always going to be a short week. Let's see what my base point is. Hopefully its a little different now than it was then.  I havent done it since last year so we will see."

DID YOU REACH OUT TO TROY OR RODGERS ABOUT COLLARBONE RECOVERY IN-SEASON? -- "You are not necessarilly playing through an injury. It's not something i need to feel. When I first started with back you had to figure out how to play through that or with that. But this you are really coming back healthy. Its just the fact that a hit could reinjure it faster than others. It is not as if I feel that on each play. That is a different perspective. To be honest with you I don't know that you really change anything as far as your thought process and how to play the  game. You go out. My job is to get us in good plays. Throw the ball accurately and get it the guys and let them go make plays. I got to do that this weekend."

FANS THINK IT'S OVER AND YOU SHOULD SIT OUT; WHAT SAY YOU? -- "I don't think that anyone in this lockerroom thinks by any means that the season is over and I think they understand. I have conveyed that message to them. I think our coach has. You can tell by the way they play. You lose enough games, it can creep in where it feels that way. I just think our team has given 100 percent effort and commitment. That is exciting to see. That is how you can turn it around. You win 1 or 2 (games) and guys are committed to their craft and playing as hard as hard as they are, things can happen and it can happen quickly."

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