Preview of Dallas Cowboys - Miami Dolphins Part II: CHQ Responds

In Part II of our Behind Enemy Lines this week, we answer questions about the State of the Cowboys, from's Eric Roddy.

We love to get the word directly from those who know the team best. In Part I of our Behind Enemy Lines Q&A, we asked DR's Eric Roddy for his take on all things Dolphins. Now, we return the favor and answer his questions about the Dallas Cowboys.

Here's a sample from Part I:

For more from Part I, click here. Now, here are our takes on the State of the Cowboys. 

Dolphins Report: How do you think Romo will do after not playing for so long? Will he be 100%?

CowboysHQ: If he isn't 100% he should be very close. When they step on the field on Sunday, it will have been 9 weeks since the initial injury. General sense is that it takes 6 weeks for the bone to heal, and then two weeks to make sure he's good to go. If he is fully functional, there is still a rust factor to consider. The main thing is, Romo is an MVP caliber quarterback (I believe he had the better season between him and Rodgers last year) and Dallas has won 14 straight games where Romo has been "right" physically. I wouldn't put a big performance past him.

DR: Who has emerged as the main RB for the Cowboys? 

CHQ: By attrition, it's Darren McFadden. DMC was signed as insurance in the offseason. Dallas was unable to secure a back they liked in the draft, then were spurned by their UDFA preference Thomas Rawls (he agreed with Dallas, then changed his mind to play for Seattle). Joseph Randle's knuckleheadedness caught up with him and Lance Dunbar got hurt again. McFadden is the last one standing and everyone else keeps shuffling. Dallas has signed Robert Turbin to work as backup along with Trey Williams and Rod Smith; he's the 13th running back Dallas has had on a roster (including the 90) since Demarco Murray left town. Ouch.

DR:  What are some weaknesses on defense that the Dolphins can exploit?

CHQ: Rookie Byron Jones is pretty much the only secondary player worth a darn. If the Dolphins can thwart Dallas' pass rush, then there should be work available for the Miami wideout corps. Mo Claiborne is actually having his best season and has done some nice things, but he'll always be a question mark in my mind and has no chance against slot-type receivers. The safeties take bad angles and aren't having a good year tackling. Jones can't do it all by himself out there and it shows.

DR:  Have the fans given up on the Cowboys, despite them still being alive in the sloppy NFC East?

CHQ: Surprisingly, no. Many have, but quite a few are hanging on, if only because they pine to watch good football and hope Romo's return can at least bring that. It's illogical to think Dallas can go on a miracle run; but all of the conditions are present in a "well if it were to happen, these are the right circumstances" kind of way. Most teams that are 2-7 don't have the type of franchise QB returning like Dallas does with Romo. Most 2-7 teams are 5 games out of first place instead of 2.5. Most teams that are 2-7 aren't 2-2 in their division at that point. The Giants have a tough schedule, the Eagles are on their backup quarterback now and they have two games remaining against Washington to control their own destiny in that regard. Stranger things have happened. Not often, but they have happened.

DR: Final question, what's your prediction for the game? Final score?

CHQ: Suh scares a lot of folks, but the way he was able to work over the offensive line in that playoff game was an eye opener. Will he play with the same intensity in this game? That's the key. Stop Suh and Dallas should be able to carve out a W in Romo's comeback game. I think the OL is much improved pass blocking than they were in 2014, so the Cowboys should be able to pull out a win, 31-23.

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