Day One Photo Gallery

We've captured some of the highlights from day one of the Dallas Cowboys' training camp in San Antonio, Texas. Included in this set are images from the Associated Press, and Getty.

Fullback Richie Anderson had a productive first day in the Alamodome. (Getty)

Chad Hutchinson (7) runs drills with Kurt Vollers (78), Jeff Robinson (85) and other players during training camp. (AP)

Bill Parcells walks around the field as players stretch at the beginning of the first day of training camp. (AP)

Bill Parcells, right, yells instructions to players as kicker Billy Cundiff (3) runs to take his position during a drill on the first day of training camp. (AP)

Terence Newman signs autographs at the end of morning practice. (AP)

Back up quarterback Quincy Carter (17) throws a pass during the morning session Saturday. (AP)

Another shot of Quincy Carter. (Getty)

Troy Hambrick dives across the line of scrimage. (Getty)

Terence Newman heads off to a drill during the morning session. (Getty)

Bill Parcells yells instruction during the afternoon session. (Getty)

Chad Hutchinson throws a pass during the afternoon session. (Getty)

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