Day Two: Winners & Losers

We've highlighted some of the winners and losers of the second day of the Dallas Cowboys' training camp in San Antonio. Rookie cornerback Terence Newman was just one of the players that has impressed us so far- even though some media outlets may not agree.

QB Chad Hutchinson- Yes, Quincy Carter had a solid morning session, but Chad Hutchinson edged him out. At one point, Hutchinson completed all 5 of his passes during a situational scrimmage, including two bombs of over 40 yards. Hutchinson commented afterwards, "I felt better today, there's no doubt about that. We had a little rhythm going this morning, and that's good." Carter rebounded to have a strong showing during the afternoon, but so far, we give the slight edge to Hutchinson entering day three of training camp. It must be noted that Hutchinson also threw two interceptions in the afternoon session.

S Roy Williams- Here's a name that has been surprisingly quiet this offseason and through the first two days of training camp. Williams recorded an interception of Chad Hutchinson but more importantly, he is taking more of a leadership role with the defense this year. He's more vocal and noticeably more aggressive. Roy Williams is another player that we anticipate to continue to grow quickly under the direction of this coaching staff.

CB Terence Newman- Sure, a lot of media outlets are reporting that Newman was torched at various points during the last two days, but this kid is showing a lot of heart, talent, and tenacity. Antonio Bryant, fresh off of minor surgery on his left pinky, blew past Newman for a long touchdown reception, but what else would you expect from a rookie corner during his first two days of camp? Quite frankly, Newman is impressive. He's got excellent closing speed, and good instincts. Those instincts should eventually allow him to break to the ball a step ahead of what the Cowboys currently have at the cornerback position this season.

WR Antonio Bryant- Bryant returned from Dallas after having minor surgery on his left pinky Sunday morning and created quite a stir in the Alamodome. He caught a couple of deep balls, one for a touchdown down the sideline after blowing past rookie Terence Newman. Most importantly, he looked like that player that we saw flashes of brilliance from last season. He appeared focused on the task at hand, which is one of the main reasons he moves from our losers list over to the winners during day two. No drops, no mouth, just solid play from Bryant Sunday afternoon- and that's after having minor surgery earlier in the day.

WR Reggie Swinton- One name we haven't heard that much about in San Antonio is Reggie Swinton. Admittingly, Bill Parcells hasn't seen much to write home about with this veteran wide receiver, but he's also dropped a couple of easy balls through the first two days of camp. He better get his act together in a hurry, or he's gone.

S Woodrow Dantzler- Bill Parcells loves this kid, but he's moving him around too much to give him any job security headed into the heart of training camp. Let's face it, he's not really suited to play defense, and the Cowboys are hesitant to keep on him on the team strictly as a kick-returner. Sunday, the former Clemson star even spent time as a blocking back on the punt team and as a holder on field goals. While having a guy like Dantzler on the team seems like a necessity, he needs to show that he's more than just a kick returner if he's going to hang around. Right now, we give him about a 40% chance making the regular season roster.

Need to See More
Quincy Carter- He did some good things during the morning session Sunday, but we still need to see more of him before we jump on board the bandwagon. The fact remains that we've still seen some of the wobbly passes that have plagued him throughout his career- and that's not good. On the flip side, he has shown more accuracy- especially outside of the pocket. Stay tuned with Carter, because he could go a number of different directions as we get into the heart of training camp.

Quote to Note
"I am going to try to be pretty equal with repetitions and try to make sure that I put each quarterback in similar situations with a cast around them that's comparable so that the balance in competition is truly fair," said Parcells in regards to the battle between Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson.

Interesting Tidbit
Bill Parcells brought in three former colleagues this weekend in Ron Wolf, Tom Coughlin, and Chuck Fairbanks. The triumvirate was brought in primarily to help evaluate talent. Wolf was instrumental in bringing the Packers back to Super Bowl glory in the mid-1990's as a General Manager, Coughlin built the expansion Jaguars into one of the top teams in the league in the late 1990's as the head coach, and Fairbanks has held coaching and management positions with several NFL franchises over the last three decades.

Don't Buy Into It!
Fact- Troy Hambrick looks more like the running back that averaged over 5.0 yards a rush back in 2001. Parcells may not be publicly praising Hambrick- but that's no surprise. Don't buy into these reports that Hambrick hasn't looked all that great through the first two days of camp. There's a method to the madness from Bill Parcells, and we have a sneaking supsicision that he thinks Hambrick could be in for a big year in 2003 should he continue down his present track.

The Cowboys will venture outside for the first time this preseason, practicing at Burbank High School from 9-11 AM tomorrow morning. The Boys will return to the Alamodome at 3 PM for a two hour afternoon practice.

Closing Shot
No matter what anybody else says, reports, or swears by, Billy Cundiff makes me nervous everytime he steps onto the field. He hit several ugly kicks Sunday...and that's being kind. Can't the Cowboys find a real kicker for once?

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