Cowboys 100: Facts + Figures for Bills

The Cowboys playoff hopes may be dashed, but there are still two more games to play to help determine draft position, roster spots, and a lot more. What are the chances Dallas lands a top-5 draft choice? How great of a season is Darren McFadden having, and how much of a Cowboy Killer has LeSean McCoy been? We have that and more, so check out our facts!



This marks the first time the Cowboys and Bills will play each other in December.


This is the first time in the series that Dallas and Buffalo will square off each holding a losing record.


The Cowboys are 4-10 for the third time in franchise history. The other times were 1963 and 2001.


The last times Dallas was 4-10 – 1963 and 2001 – they landed the fourth overall and sixth overall picks respectively in the following drafts.


Buffalo is 6-8 for the fifth time in club history. The other times were 1961, 1997, 2003, and 2008.


The four previous times Buffalo was 6-8 – ’61, ’97, ’03, and ’08 – they landed the third overall, ninth overall, 13th overall, and 11th overall respectively.


The Cowboys are 16-10 against the AFC East on the road.


The Bills are 16-12 against the NFC East at home.


The Cowboys are 7-2 against the AFC East on the road in early games.


The Bills are 9-9 against the NFC East at home in early games.


In its four Super Bowl appearances, Buffalo took on the NFC East in New York, Washington, and Dallas. The Cowboys are the only team the Bills trail in the series ledger, Super Bowls notwithstanding.


The Bills haven’t beaten the Cowboys since 1996, making it the second-longest streak. The Bronws have not beaten the Cowboys since 1994.


The Weather Channel forecasts a high of 48 degrees at Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday afternoon. Dallas is 35-36-2 on the road in temperatures from 40-49 degrees, including playoffs.


Dallas is 2-2 in Buffalo. Here is the breakdown by stadium:


War Memorial Stadium: 1-0

Ralph Wilson Stadium: 1-2



The Bills and the Cowboys are each the third pro football franchise to have been founded in their respective cities, both in 1960 and both still in operation with no name change ever since.






Moore is going to be the 39th quarterback to start for the Dallas Cowboys. 23/39 of those quarterbacks lost for Dallas in their first starts.


Moore is the fourth quarterback the Cowboys will start this season. The last time this occurred was in 2001, the last time Dallas was also 4-10.


Moore is the first quarterback from Boise State to make an NFL start.



Moore is the fifth Boise State Bronco to become a Dallas Cowboy. The other four are defensive linemen DeMarcus Lawrence and Tyrone Crawford along with cornerback Orlando Scandrick. The first ever Boise State alumnus to be a Cowboy was cornerback Rolly Woolsey in 1975.


Moore is the fourth Cowboys quarterback to sport the number 17. The previous three were Quincy Carter, Jason Garrett, and Don Meredith.


Moore is the first Cowboys starting quarterback since Kevin Sweeney in 1988 to stand exactly at 6 feet tall.


Moore is 1/34 quarterbacks to have started off his Cowboys career by replacing a starter midgame.


Moore’s 52.2 passer rating last week was actually the fourth-worst passer rating by a Cowboys quarterback this season.


Moore’s 158 passing yards were the most by a fill-in quarterback since Dec. 24, 2011 when Stephen McGee spelled an injured Romo and produced 182 yards.


At Valley Ranch, Moore lockers next to Dez Bryant on his right and Darren McFadden on his left.







Taylor’s 101.8 passer rating is the fifth-best in the NFL. Only Russell Wilson, Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, and Tom Brady are better.


Taylor is the first Bills quarterback since Drew Bledsoe in 2002 to post six games with 100-plus passer rating.


Taylor is the first Bills quarterback since Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2012 to post four games with three touchdowns or more.


Taylor’s 20 touchdowns are the 10th-best performance by a Bills quarterback through 14 games in club history.


Taylor’s 101.8 passer rating is the highest for a Bills quarterback through 14 games since Jim Kelly’s 101.2 in 1990.


Taylor has an 89.0 passer rating on third-down, good for 19th-best in the NFL.


Taylor is the ninth different Bills quarterback to face the Cowboys. Here is how the other eight fared, including postseason:


Dennis Shaw: 0-1

Gary Marangi: 0-1

Joe Ferguson: 0-1

Jim Kelly: 0-1

Todd Collins: 1-0

Drew Bledsoe: 0-1

Trent Edwards: 0-1

Ryan Fitzpatrick: 0-1



Taylor was the first Virginia Tech quarterback drafted since Michael Vick and they were drafted 10 years apart.


Taylor’s 5-6 record this season puts him third behind Michael Vick (61-51-1) and Don Strock (16-6) as the collecting the most wins for a Virginia Tech alumnus in the NFL.


Due to the Bills coming out in a wildcat formation on the season’s first play against the Colts, credit for Buffalo’s Week One victory actually goes to Dallas backup Matt Cassel and not Taylor.






Garrett’s 4-10 record puts him in league with Tom Landry in 1963 and Dave Campo in 2001 as the only Cowboys head coaches to hold such a record.


Garrett is 1-3 in rematch games with coaches that have beaten him in the first meeting.


Garrett is 5-4 in rematches with teams that he has beaten initially.


Garrett is 12-8 against the AFC with a 5-5 record on the road.


Garrett is 12-11 in December. A win Sunday would tie him with Jimmy Johnson (13-7) for the second-most December wins in team history.



Garrett is 24-29 against playoff-winning coaches with a 12-16 record on the road.


Garrett is 1-2 against the AFC with a game to go for the second time in his career. The first instance was in 2011 when he finished 2-2.


Kellen Moore will be the seventh starting quarterback in Garrett’s coaching tenure, the most since Dave Campo started eight from 2000-02.


Ralph Wilson Stadium will be the 25th NFL venue Garrett will have coached in. Garrett is 11-13 when coaching in a venue initially.


Cowboys quarterbacks are 2-4 when making their first start for Garrett.





Ryan is 4-10 in rematches with teams he has beaten in the first meeting.


Ryan is 11-16 against the NFC with a 6-7 record at home.


Ryan is 21-34 against playoff-winning head coaches with a 12-13 record at home.


A win Sunday would join Ryan with Kay Stephenson as the only Bills head coach to defeat Dallas in his first attempt.


Ryan is 1/8 Bills head coaches to have coached elsewhere before coming to Buffalo.


Ryan is 13-17 in December with a 5-7 record at home.


This is the third time in Ryan’s career that he has been 6-8. The other previous years were 2012 and 2013. The ’12 Jets slumped to 6-10 while the ’13 Jets finished 8-8.


With the Bills defense placed 21st in the NFL in total yards, this is the lowest rank Ryan has had as a head coach.


After the conclusion of the 2010 season, Ryan had a .632 winning percentage, playoffs included. Since then, Ryan has compiled a .410 winning percentage.


With two home games to go, Ryan has led the Bills to a 3-3 record, the same as last year through six games under Doug Marrone. Last year with the Jets, Ryan was 2-4 at home with two more home stands to go.





This is the first time this season Dallas will have Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston call their game. The Cowboys are 12-5 when these two have called their games.


The Bills are 2-4 when Albert and Johnston call their games on FOX.


FOX is calling just their second game in the series. Here is the breakdown by other networks:


1971 – CBS – Frank Glieber and Eddie LeBaron

1976 – ABC– Frank Gifford, Alex Karras, and Howard Cosell

1981 – ABC – Gifford, Meredith, Cosell

1984 – CBS – Dick Stockton and Hank Stram

1992 – NBC – Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy

1993 – NBC – Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy

1993 – NBC – Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy

1996 – FOX – Pat Summerall and John Madden

2003 – CBS – Greg Gumbel and Phil Simms

2007 – ESPN – Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, Tony Kornheiser

2011 – CBS – Jim Nantz and Phil Simms

2015 – FOX – Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston



The Bills are 28-18 on FOX.


Dallas is 117-109 on FOX, including playoffs.


The Cowboys are 2-5 on FOX. The last time Dallas had just two wins on FOX with two weeks to play was Dec. 19, 2004 after falling to 2-7 on the network after losing in Philadelphia 12-7.


Johnston is 1/5 ex-Cowboys to call Dallas games on television. The other four are Eddie Le Baron, Don Meredith, Roger Staubach, and Troy Aikman.





This week’s referee is Jeff Triplette, who has been an NFL referee since 2000. His last called Cowboys game was the 27-23 win over the Vikings on Nov. 3, 2013. The Cowboys own a 5-7 record when Triplette referees their games. Here are the results:


2000 – SF, 24-41 – L

2000 – @Ravens, 0-27 – L

2001 – SD, 21-32 – L

2004 – @NYG, 24-28 – L

2007 – @NYG, 31-20 – W

2008 – @WAS, 14-10 – W

2009 – @GB, 7-17 – L

2010 – Titans, 27-34 – L

2010 – @Cardinals, 26-27 – L

2012 – PHI, 38-33 – W

2013 – MIN, 27-23 – W

2015 – @MIA, 24-14 – W




The Dallas Cowboys have won the penalty battle 3/12 times with Jeff Triplette:


2000 – SF: 8/94; DAL: 5/62

2000 – Ravens: 6/55; DAL: 3/15

2001 – SD: 3/57; DAL: 3/27

2004 – NYG: 3/25; DAL: 6/93

2007 – NYG: 8/70; DAL: 10/84

2008 – WAS: 2/10; DAL: 5/40

2009 – GB: 12/100; DAL: 10/67

2010 – Titans: 4/40; DAL: 12/133

2010 – Cardinals: 6/43; DAL: 7/49

2012 – PHI: 1/5; DAL: 7/60

2013 – MIN: 4/35; DAL: 5/45

2015 – MIA: 9/74; DAL: 10/79



Triplette has the second-worst home team winning percentage in the league:


John Parry: .846

Bill Vinovich: .769

Gene Steratore: .692

Ed Hochuli: .643

Carl Cheffers: .615

Walt Coleman: .615

Jerome Boger: .571

Terry McAulay: .538

Tony Corrente: .538

Ron Torbert: .538

Clete Blakeman: .461

John Hussey: .385

Brad Allen: .385

Pete Morelli: .385

Craig Wrolstad: .385

Jeff Triplette: .357

Walt Anderson: .333




Triplette comparatively also has the fourth-best percentage of the home team having fewer penalties:


Brad Allen: .692

Craig Wrolstad: .692

Terry McAulay: .692

Jeff Triplette: .643

John Parry: .615

Pete Morelli: .538

Ron Torbert: .538

Jerome Boger: .536

Carl Cheffers: .500

Walt Anderson: .500

Clete Blakeman: .461

Bill Vinovich: .461

Ed Hochuli: .429

John Hussey: .385

Gene Steratore: .385

Walt Coleman: .308

Tony Corrente: .308





The Bills are 11-6 with Triplette. Here are the results:


1999 – PHI, 26-0 – W

1999 – @Ravens, 13-10 – W

2000 – @Colts, 44-20 – L

2001 – @NE, 11-21 – L

2002 – DET, 24-17 – W

2002 – @NE, 17-27 – L

2003 – NE, 31-0 – W

2004 – MIA, 20-13 – W

2005 – NYJ, 27-17 – W

2006 – NE, 6-28 – L

2006 – Titans, 29-30 – L

2007 – CIN, 33-21 – W

2008 – SD, 23-14 – W

2008 – @NYJ, 27-31 – L

2009 – MIA, 31-14 – W

2010 – @MIA, 17-14 – W

2012 – MIA, 19-14 – W




The Bills have had fewer penalties with Triplette 8/17 times. Here are the results:


1999 – PHI: 7/50; BUF: 4/20

1999 – Ravens: 10/113; BUF: 7/50

2000 – Colts: 7/67; BUF: 10/106

2001 – NE: 7/75; BUF: 9/75

2002 – DET: 8/71; BUF: 6/51

2002 – NE: 9/65; BUF: 4/29

2003 – NE: 12/121; BUF: 10/119

2004 – MIA: 3/21; BUF: 7/60

2005 – NYJ: 7/50; BUF: 13/99

2006 – NE: 3/25; BUF: 9/67

2006 – Titans: 11/81; BUF: 5/50

2007 – CIN: 5/45; BUF: 3/25

2008 – SD: 5/35; BUF: 5/35

2008 – NYJ: 3/25; BUF: 4/33

2009 – MIA: 6/50; BUF: 3/20

2010 – MIA: 4/35; BUF: 5/44

2012 – MIA: 6/69; BUF: 11/100



Triplette leads the league in having the most sacks per game:


Jeff Triplette: 5.4

Ron Torbert: 5.2

Walt Coleman: 5.1

John Hussey: 5

Terry McAulay: 4.9

Walt Anderson: 4.8

Carl Cheffers: 4.8

Clete Blakeman: 4.7

Morelli: 4.6

John Parry: 4.6

Gene Steratore: 4.6

Tony Corrente: 4.5

Ed Hochuli: 4.4

Jerome Boger: 4.1

Craig Wrolstad: 4

Brad Allen: 3.5

Bill Vinovich: 3.5




Triplette calls the fourth-most offensive holding penalties per game:


Jerome Boger: 4.4

Carl Cheffers: 4.5

Ron Torbert: 4.2

Jeff Triplette: 4.1

Terry McAulay: 3.9

Tony Corrente: 3.7

John Parry: 3.7

Craig Wrolstad: 3.6

Ed Hochuli: 3.5

Brad Allen: 3.5

John Hussey: 3.5

Bill Vinovich: 3.2

Pete Morelli: 3.2

Walt Coleman: 3

Walt Anderson: 2.8

Clete Blakeman: 2.7

Gene Steratore: 2.1




The Cowboys are 5/6 on challenges under Triplette while opponents are 3/5. Replay Assistant is 1/4 with three of those decisions favoring the Cowboys.


The Bills are 2/6 on challenges under Triplette with opponents going 1/5. Replay Assistant is 1/4 with two of those calls benefiting Buffalo.


Triplette is a part of the comical part of NFL lore. On 12/19/99, his ball-bearing filled penalty flag hit Cleveland Brown tackle Orlando Brown in the eye, an injury that forced him out of the NFL for three seasons.


Jeff Triplette also refereed the 9/24/2000 match between the Cowboys and 49ers where wide receiver Terrell Owens celebrated on the midfield star at Texas Stadium twice.


Jeff Triplette is a Persian Gulf War veteran and earned the Bronze Star with the North Carolina Army National Guard.





Ex-Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, who has not been with the team since October, is still second on the team with 24 total points scored.


The Bills offense is first in the league with 4.9 yards per carry. The Cowboys defense is 13th-best in the NFL at only allowing 4.0 yards per carry.


4/26 of LeSean McCoy’s 100-yard games have come against the Cowboys.


The second-most rushing yards McCoy logged in a game came against Dallas on Oct. 30, 2011 when he rushed for 185 yards on 30 carries along with two touchdowns in a 34-7 rout.


McCoy’s second, fourth, seventh, and 10th-best rushing days of his career came against the Cowboys.


This is the third time in his career McCoy has only had three 100-yard games. The other two seasons were 2010 and 2012.


McCoy earned his fourth Pro Bowl on Wednesday night. It is the second time in his career he will have earned it despite his team failing to post a winning record.


The last NFC East team McCoy gained 100 yards or more rushing against was Dallas on Nov. 27, 2014 when he ran for 159 on 25 carries along with a touchdown.


McCoy has a lifetime 5.2 yards per carry against the Cowboys, postseason included.


McCoy is ninth in the league with 895 rushing yards. The spot above him with just three more is Cowboys running back Darren McFadden.


Last week was the first time since 2010 in Oakland that McFadden had back-to-back games with 100-plus yards rushing.


McFadden’s five games of 100 yards or more rushing is the second-most he’s tallied in a season. The most is six done in 2010 with Oakland.


Against Dennis Thurman’s Jets defense, McFadden averaged 8.1 yards per carry and helped the Raiders achieve a 1-1 record against New York when Thurman coordinated the defense.



McFadden and his 3.1 yards per carry helped the Raiders to a 1-2 record against the Bills in his seven years in Oakland. On average, he carried the ball 14 times for 56 yards.


Bills receiver Sammy Watkins is averaging 18.8 yards per reception, good for second-best in the NFL.


Last week’s nine targets for Dez Bryant were tied for the second-highest number of looks the receiver has had all season.


If Cowboys defensive ends DeMarcus Lawrence and Greg Hardy were to take their six and 5.5 sacks respectively over to the Bills, they would also be first and second in sacks on that team.


Dallas leads the league with 27 false starts. Second in the NFL is Oakland with 23.


The Cowboys have been the biggest beneficiary of defensive holding with 12 penalties for 60 yards going in favor of Dallas.


The Bills are 1/6 teams to have not yet been called for illegal contact this season.


Buffalo, along with Cincinnati, lead the league with two taunting penalties apiece.


Dallas and Buffalo, along with Kansas City, are the only teams in the NFL to get called for offsides on a free kick this year.


The Cowboys are undefeated with a 4-0 record on 12/27. Here are the results:


1987 – Cardinals, 21-16 – W

1992 – CHI, 27-14 – W

1998 – WAS, 23-7 – W

2009 – @WAS, 17-0 – W



The Cowboys have two birthdays to celebrate on Dec. 27:


Gene Fabb, FB, 1960-61 – 12/27/1934

Chris Cooper, DT, 2004 – 12/27/1977


The Cowboys also have the death of defensive tackle Dick Klein, who passed away on Dec. 27, 2005. Klein played in the club’s inaugural year of 1960.


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