Weekend Training Camp Recap

Cowboys coach Bill Parcells said the release of safety Keith Davis on Friday was not just about his involvement in a shooting outside Dallas topless club last month. However, there's also no getting by the fact that the two incidents were related.

Parcells has told his team on more than one occasion to stay away from night clubs and certain situations.

And while Davis, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was more a victim than an agitator, his presence at the Dallas Gentlemen's club showed that he wasn't a good listener.

"I have repeatedly talked to my team about the kinds of players I want on my team," Parcells said. "I told that them nightclubs aren't a good place to be. I've told them that since I got here. No, that's not why I did it, but I am interested in having pretty good citizens here."

* The opening of training camp Saturday was as much an adjustment for Parcells as it was for the players, considering he was conducting his first training camp practices since 1999 with the Jets.

Parcells said he felt like had never been gone. However, just the same, he acknowledged spending as much time getting used to his surroundings on the first day as he did evaluating players.

"It was the first time on the field with the players," Parcells said. "From a personnel stand point, your eyes just race around, looking at players, coaches, trainers, equipment guys and video guys just to see if everything is the way you hoped it would be."

* Running back Troy Hambrick, the supposed heir apparent to departed star Emmitt Smith, showed up for training camp under Parcells' mandated weight limit of 240 pounds. However, he didn't impress with his first-day performance.

Parcells said Hambrick didn't run as well has he hoped he would on Saturday. However, backup Michael Wiley, considered a longshot for the starting job, caught Parcells' attention with some nice running.

* Parcells believes the Cowboys will be able to get more work done at the Alamodome than if they were to conduct the majority of their practices outside because the weather is less of a factor.

The Cowboys are scheduled to conduct 26 of 34 training camp practices at the Alamodome with eight set outdoors at Burbank High School.

* And while the old-school Parcells' acceptance of an indoor training camp has caught many by surprise, he said it's not unprecedented for him to work inside. Parcells said he conducted seven of his first 13 training camp practices indoors during his first year with the Jets in 1997.

* The first day of camp offered insight into the detailed mindset of Parcells and his unique way of teaching football savvy to his team.

During the morning practice, he had the quarterbacks work on throwing the ball out of bounds in an effort to kill the clock during a late-game situations. The afternoon practice, he had the offense and punt team learn the proper way and circumstance to take a safety.

He said there are 20 or 30 situations they will rehearse daily throughout training camp and the season so the team will understand his expectations.

"From the youngest player to the oldest player, at some point you have to show me that you can still do it. You don't have to prove it every day if you're Darren Woodson, but you still have to prove you can do it," said Bill Parcells.

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