Cowboys Romo Season-Ending Q-&-A: In His Own Words

'Believe me,' Tony Romo says in review of the Cowboys in 2015, 'we’re going to do everything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen again.' The season-closing Romo Q-and-A, in his own words:


IS THIS YOUR MOST FRUSTRATING OFF-SEASON? -- "I think it’s easy right now to understand everyone is disappointed. Any time the season doesn’t turn out the way you want it from an organizational standpoint or a players, it’s very disappointing. But when you don’t achieve your goals each season it’s always tough. I don’t rank them, which seasons are worse. When you don’t have a successful season it’s never a good thing."

WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN READY FOR THE WILDCARD ROUND? -- "Yeah, I would have figured out a way obviously to get back out there. That’s what we play the game for, playing those games. It’s disappointing that we’re not in that part of it right now. Believe me, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen again."

ARE YOU FEELING GOOD? -- "Yeah, it’s coming along good. I’m feeling good. I’m starting to get everything ramped up a little bit now. I’ll have a little bit of a jump, a head start, on the off-season stuff just because I’ll have been hitting it pretty hard here for the next few months before it starts. I’m excited about getting everything going and starting a new direction. Hopefully our team will learn from this year and make the right things to improve."


DO YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO THINK ABOUT WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN HAD YOU BEEN HEALTHY? -- "You don’t want to live in the world of what ifs. It happened, it’s unfortunate. We all knew when you come back what the reality of a collar bone situation is. But you know, I think we’ll take steps and do some things to make sure that doesn’t happen. You’ll see us hopefully play at a much higher level going forward."

ARE YOU GONG TO PUT A PLATE IN YOUR COLLARBONE? -- "We’re going to look at the scan and figure out the strength of the bone. They have incredible things to really almost figure it out exactly as far as how strong it is, what the percentages are and there are some pretty unique ways – even if we don’t get that – there are some other ways you can help. I think that’ll hopefully ensure it becomes very minimal to likely happen again, and that’s encouraging."

DO YOU STILL THINK YOUR BEST YEARS ARE AHEAD IN SPITE OF THE COLLARBONE? -- "Well, a collarbone isn’t going to keep me from playing a length of time. I know it sounds silly, but a broken bone is literally the one thing they heal. It’s not as if there’s a huge rehab process that goes into a bone. It just takes time and it heals and it strengthens and then you come back and it’s strong. That’s how it works. And then there are ways you can help strengthen it and there are ways you can help ensure it doesn’t happen. It happens a lot where the collarbone gets re-broken. You take that risk when you go back out there. We knew that. But it was worth it at the time. Your season was hanging in the balance and you go and you lay it on the line. That’s what we all want to do. But as far as going forward, I’ll be a much healthier version going forward actually than I was the last couple of years as my back continues to strengthen and the bone will be healed. I would like to think that I’ll be… It’s never… No one really likes or cares to hear that after you got hurt. But the reality of it is that I’ll be much stronger moving stronger and having a base. That’ll be easier for me to be in position to do some stuff that I’ll be hopefully happy about."

"Well, it's kind of a silly comment to be honest with you. Sorry, but, just in the sense that good quarterbacks make systems usually evolve and get better and then players can do something well. They're going to make a system work. And that's my job is to make any system work. It doesn't matter who's system it is. You know, and then the coaches are going to do the things that put you in the position to be successful. At the highest levels, it's all about execution. 95 percent of coaches are doing the same thing. It's just a matter of players going out and executing and doing things faster, doing things better, but we're not doing anything different in terms of a lot of other teams. The stuff that you sprinkle in that is different, those are the week to week adjustments that are made. But they'll be running a similar style of system for 25 years after I'm gone. So, I don't think it has to do with any specific player. The systems aren't just about an individual. The reason that they have a system is that they think it can handle, and that's defensively and offensively, that's really everyone in the NFL. They get players to handle their system. And then the players make that system go the best they can with their talent and abilities."

"Yeah, I mean, you could ask Jerry about that stuff. I'm not going to talk about the conversation we had. But we're going to evaluate everybody and the organization is going to look at who to take and they're going to take the best player. If the best player there is a quarterback, then that's what our team needs. Our team needs good players. That's what we need. And if it's the best player at a different position -- I'm just obviously a player on the football team and I don't have to make those decisions and I'm glad. My job is go out and get better and make sure this team wins next year. And I'm going to do everything in my power to insure that."

"Yeah, I mean, that's always good. But I think you saw Kellen do some good things here the game yesterday. And I think that he's learned. He's had time. He's been behind. And that helps you. That's a good thing for him."

WAS IT TOUGHER TO WATCH THAN 2010? -- "Well, sometimes because you know you had a chance to come back a couple times this year. That's obviously a tough part because you want to help your football team. And we just weren't in a position to win the division and play and be a part of the playoffs. And that's really why you play the game at this point is to be a part of those games and get your team into contention to win a championship. So, that will be my goal next year and going forward. And I am going to exhaust myself to insure that our team is playing these games next year."

 "We have a long way to go to prove and get better and we're not even thinking about that yet. We have to improve as a team right now. We don't think about the records and all of that. We just weren't good enough this year and guys got to look at themselves and they got to understand that they have to come back better in a lot of different ways. But a lot of that starts with each individual looking in the mirror and deciding who he wants to be. And after that, go out and execute your plan to insure that you're going to be that person that you want to be next year. So, you just got to make sure that guys understand that it starts now."
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF DEZ'S INJURY? -- "Dez worked real hard to come back. It was just a disappointing year for everybody. I know he was disappointed, as were the rest of the guys on the team. It obviously was a very ... just wasn’t a great year."
HOW DOES 4-12 DRIVE THIS OFF-SEASON? -- "When you don’t play well or you don’t play up to the standard of what you set, I think that it should burn inside of each guy really. (pause) Usually in times like, when you’re down, is when you find out who you are a little bit. Our team obviously has got knocked down this year and without performing to expecations, like I said before, it’s a very easy time to look at yourself and say, ‘I need to get better.’ I think everybody on this football team needs to take that approach. And I think everybody will. Nobody’s going to be riding a wave I can tell you, going into the offseason, feeling like they achieved what they set out for. Hopefully that will be served as the motivation that this team needs. It’s not about talking. They’ve just got to go do it. I think our team understands that there’s going to be change, there’s going to be new people. But if everybody just commits to it, then we’ll have a chance to be successful next year."
WHY IS GARRETT THE RIGHT GUY? -- "Well I think if you saw anything this season one of the great examples – and I know no one wants to hear anything positive because when you’re 4-12 there’s not a lot because ultimately we’re defined by our record and how we played – but I thought Coach Garrett was incredible.I think when he looks back he’ll see, he’s not going to look that way right now because he’s going to try to evaluate and find answers and he’s going to exhaust himself to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. But he was really incredible in getting our football team to play consistently at a very, very high level as far as effort, energy, just week to week. He really has the pulse of the team and it was a great thing to watch. As you lose that many games in a row it can be very difficult to continue to get great effort by a lot of proud professionals and I think that coach Garett just did an incredible job of allowing us to have a chance as the weeks went on through his ability to just motivate, connect and really drive the team in that direction. Like I said, we lost so ultimately nothing was good enough but at the same time I thought that it was inspiring just by the way he really held this team together and had the guys fight week in week out regardless of the environment and regardless of the record. That was pretty special even though it doesn’t feel that way because we didn’t really win in any capacity the way we wanted to."

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