Day Four: Winners and Losers

We've got Tuesday's winners and losers from training camp in this report. Some of the names we'll mention today are La'Roi Glover, Al Johnson, Reggie Swinton, and of course, second year kicker Billy Cundiff!

C Al Johnson- This big rookie from Wisconsin has caught the eye of everyone in San Antonio after Bill Parcells has moved him to practice more with the first team. Remember, he's a rookie- it's only going to get better. He did send a snap sailing over Quincy Carter's head on Tuesday, but overall, he looks very impressive.

DT La'Roi Glover- Glover destroyed Larry Allen in a one-on-one drill Tuesday- which is no easy task. Glover looked so impressive during the drill that it prompted Bill Parcells to come over and give Allen an earful. This former New Orleans Saint has looked in mid-season form through the first four days of camp. Focused, animated, and in good shape...he's ready to go this season and it's only late July.

The Secondary- Without question, this unit has talent and playmakers, the only question will be who can rise up and emerge as the clear cut starters at cornerback before the season opener against the Falcons. Terence Newman, Mario Edwards, and Derek Ross are all good bets, and don't forget about Pete Hunter as well.

Edwards continues to have a strong camp, and he's doing his best to catch the eye of Bill Parcells and rest of the Cowboys' coaching staff, while Newman continues to climb is way up the depth chart. He's been along side of Pete Hunter on the second team for the last two days now.

Parcells refered to Derek Ross as a "street player" yesterday afternoon. "If he goes up against a better street player, he's going to get beat," Parcells said. Nevertheless, Ross continues to make improvements since his rookie season and is right in the mix for a spot on the first team.

WR Zuriel Smith- Smith didn't know a play at one point during practice and was instructed by Bill Parcells to run laps around the field. He also muffed a punt and just appeared to be out-of-sync all day long.

WR Reggie Swinton- Swinton had his moments during training camp last season, but he's done nothing this year to make us think that he'll even make the team. Lack of focus, dropped balls, and nothing from the return game could seal his fate with the Cowboys in 2003.

QB Tony Romo- While there was some pre-camp excitement about this gunslinger, the hype has quickly died down after day #4 in San Antonio. Romo has solidified himself behind 3rd teamer Clint Stoerner at this point in time.

The Heat is On
Bill Parcells cleared stated on Tuesday that making Billy Cundiff's 12-of-19 field goals a year ago, won't be tolerated in 2003. "Statistically, that wouldn't be on par with what I would want, particularly in the environment that we will be playing in 50 percent of the time," said Parcells. Cundiff, who is starting to receive some stiff competition from Ola Kimrin, made 9-of-10 field goals when matching up with the rookie Tuesday. (So did Kimrin by the way.)

Cry Baby
After La'Roi Glover's dismantling of Larry Allen, the All-Pro offensive guard seemed to pout for about a good 10 minutes, as he walked out of drill and went down by the endzone to be by himself. Bill Parcells had to go over to talk to him before he came back to the practice session.

Baby Cowboy
Randal Williams was excused from Tuesday afternoon's practice to fly back up to Dallas to be with his wife, who is expecting the couple's first child. Williams is not expected to miss more than two days of practice in San Antonio. The New Hampshire native has looked outstanding through the first four days of camp.

Picture of the Day
Bill Parcells gives Larry Allen an earful. (AP)

The Cowboys return to Burbank High School to practice from 9-11 AM Wednesday morning before returning to the Alamodome Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

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