Dallas Cowboys 2016 Mock Draft: January 18th, 2016 Featuring Ezekiel Elliott

The Cowboys have plenty of holes to fill this offseason. Here's this week's permutations to solve the problems. ... my Cowboys Mock Draft.

In our premiere iteration last week, we used our newfound GM of the Dallas Cowboys powers to select the quarterback of the future, Carson Wentz of North Dakota State. Being the first to officially claim our lovefest for Wentz was important, as we figure his championship pedigree (back-to-back FCS titles for him, 5 straight for the program) and pocket savvy was exactly what Dallas would be looking for. When it was announced a little while ago that Dallas would be coaching the Senior Bowl, signs started to fall into place that this marriage would happen. The Senior Bowl is expected to be Wentz' coming out party and Garrett and Linehan getting a week of up close practice to put him into their system seems like providence.

However, it wouldn't do us much good if we continuously drafted Wentz in our weekly exercises. We do this to anticipate how things may fall out based off of various scenarios and as such, we will shuffle our first round picks, and strategies, to get us more familiar with the draft class. Besides, knowing other well-reputed draftniks, such as NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah, have joined the bandwagon we're driving is good enough for the week.

For this exercise, I will employ the assistance of the good folk at Fanspeak's On The Clock Mock Draft Simulator. You can perform your own mocks by simply clicking this link. You'll need to upgrade to Premium for the option to trade. 

The real point of these exercises is not only to get an idea of how the draft process flows, but also give readers an opportunity to learn about some of the prospects in the draft. To assist in that, we will feature a video (using DraftBreakdown.com when available) for each of the selected prospects from their collegiate days. I will not guarantee that it will be a game they played particularly well in. Fans should get used to the idea that players with plus skills can still put out bad tape, and players with questionable ones can play a "game of their life" they may not ever live up to again.

Today's mock will be based off of Drafttek.com's Big Board dated 1/13/16.

Once again, I decide to trade out of the 4th spot, a trend I think you will see more often then not over the next few months. There are two schools of thought on trading here. One, never trade up... just... don't. Two, it's pretty foolish to trade away from an elite prospect. Normally the Top 5 presents you with the option of getting that elite guy, but not so sure that applies to 2016. Are there really elite prospects in this draft, or is the Top 10 pretty much interchangeable based on need?

For now, we'll side with the latter. The Giants offered their third and fourth rounders in 2016, plus their third rounder in 2017 for the right to move from No. 10 to No. 4. We'll take that.

At No. 10, Dallas had the choice between Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack. Considering the depth at the linebacker position in this draft, the choice is easy. Adding Ramsey to the secondary finally gives Dallas a top-flight safety duo for the next decade. Dallas hasn't had this since the early days of Roy Williams career when he was paired with should-be Hall of Famer Darren Woodson; and they've never seen a pair with this kind of coverage skills.

Adding Ramsey to uber-athlete Byron Jones allows Dallas to stay in a base defense against three-wide receiver sets, as both he and Jones have the ability to cover slot receivers.

In the second round, a surprise first-round leftover is chosen; RB Ezekiel Elliot from Ohio State. While I believe that Elliot is by far the best prospect in this draft, Ohio State's history keeps me from pretending he's in the same category as Todd Gurley. The best back in the class who isn't "Adrian Gurley" belongs at the top of the second round, and Dallas would surely take him.

In the third-round, the intrigue of De'Runnya Wilson's size and skillset is too much to pass up. At 6'5", Wilson will tower over opposing corners, and the idea that he'll live a life of single coverage opposite Dez Bryant is too intriguing. Dallas isn't done taking wideouts though, here's the rest of the draft.


For a look at the mock draft in it's totality, click here. Here are the individual game films.

Jalen Ramsey, S, Florida State 

Ezekiel Elliot, RB, Ohio State

De'Runnya Wilson, WR, Mississippi State

Artie Burns, CB, Miami

Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma

Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame

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