Cowboys Tony Romo: What's The Truth On Surgery Decision?

Cowboys QB Tony Romo says he knows which way he's leaning regarding collarbone surgery. What's the story from inside Valley Ranch and inside the Romo camp?

Would there be any reason for Tony Romo to undergo collarbone surgery BEFORE he undergoes the CT scan to determine whether or not he needs collarbone surgery?

While the Ed Werder report on ESPN seems likely to end up being correct -- when the Cowboys QB himself is reporting, "I think we know which way we're (leaning), that suggests a coming action, not a coming inaction -- sources within the Cowboys and close to Romo tell our Mike Fisher on 105.3 The Fan that while Romo is scheduled to undergo a CT scan on his left collarbone this week, it has not been determined that the next step after that is any surgical procedure.

A Cowboys source's quote to Fish: The quarterback is “examining all options. We won’t fully know (about surgery) until after the CT scan.’'

And again, with all due respect to the ESPN report, how could the Cowboys know for certain to perform any sort of surgery before the CT scan? Otherwise, why bother with the CT scan?

As Fish said on The Fan, "Well, it would obviously make sense to make a final determination only after the CT scan, not before.''

Romo told the media over the weekend, "We’ve had exhaustive discussions about it. But it's going to be good.''

"Good'' can mean an aggressive approach to a surgery that includes the insertion of a customized plate that would, in theory, protect Romo from yet another clavicle break.. But even assuming Romo “leans’’  toward surgery, another "good'' would be a full and natural healing of the collarbone, which was broken on two different occasions this past season and also broke in 2010. Romo views these as "fluke'' injuries and he's right -- but if there is a way to avoid a fourth "fluke'' and it doesn't impede Romo's return in 2016?

A fine idea. ... But as Fish notes, long-time NFL team physician Dr. David J. Chao has told him that the insertion of a plate doesn’t automatically guarantee added strength and isn't a "cure-all.''

No matter what Romo and the Cowboys do here, there will be good 2016 news. Romo says he'll “be ready to rock for (May) OTAs. ... I just need to do everything in my power to ensure that I'm on that football field."

But before he gets on the field, he gets healthy. And before he has surgery, he gets a CT scan.

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