Wow! Complete Scrimmage Breakdown

Miss the Cowboys' scrimmage against the Houston Texans? We've got the highlights, including a full breakdown of the bigtime performers from Saturday evening's situational scrimmage at the Alamodome. How 'bout that Reshard Lee & Chad Hutchinson?!

* The first drive by the Houston Texans was borderline awful as nearly every passing play saw either Greg Ellis or Willie Blade in the backfield. Both Blade and Ellis recorded sacks against an offensive line that was missing several starters.

* Quincy Carter ran the first team offense on the Cowboys first possession, and looked outstanding. He completed his first three passes before trying to force a throw into Antonio Bryant in the endzone. On the Cowboys final play of the drive before an Ola Kimrin field goal, Carter threw the ball out of the endzone a tad bit early.

* Antonio Bryant ran a nice reverse on the Cowboys first possession. Bryant wasn't expected to play with a sore quad, but he looked impressive early on.

* Troy Hambrick broke a nice run up the middle of the defense early on, but had trouble getting to the corner in the redzone. He was two-for-two in short yardage situations, even though the Cowboys never brought in their short yardage personnel.

* Ola Kimrin kicked a short 25-yard field goal for the game's first points.

* On the Texans' second possession, the Cowboys' 2nd team defensive linemen continued to get pressure on back up quarterback Tony Banks. Both Mike Myers and Ekuban looked impressive in this sequence. Ekuban showed outstanding speed against an overmatched Texans' lineman on more than one occasion.

* Texans' QB Tony Banks threw three consecutive in completions before completing a wide receiver screen for negative yardage. An impressive tackle was made by Dat Ngyuen on that particular play.

* The Cowboys recorded a mind-boggling 6 sacks through the first 20 plays of the scrimmage.

* Chad Hutchinson took over for Carter with the Cowboys second offensive possession. He completed a nice 15-yard pass to Randal Williams on his first attempt. The former Stanford Cardinal went deep to Williams on the next play, but the two were unable to connect after some bumping by a Texans' corner. Williams was the intended receiver for the first three passes thrown by Hutchinson (2 were incomplete).

* Randal Williams dropped two balls during the second possession, even though both attempted receptions were under duress.

* Rookie Reshard Lee was the 2nd team running back this evening. His first two rushes were for minimal yardage after the Texans defensive line blew up each play, but his third rushing attempt went for 42 yards down the right sideline.

* Chad Hutchinson connected with the much-maligned Reggie Swinton on the game's first touchdown. The play went for over 30 yards and Billy Cundiff drilled the extra point. Hutchinson lofted a nice pass down the middle of the field that fell right into Swinton's hands.

* Jason McKie made several nice plays Saturday evening, displaying his ability to catch the football and also serve as a quality lead blocker.

* Through the first two possessions by each team, the Cowboys had outgained the Texans by over 200 yards (192 to -18).

* Cornerback Donald Mitchell was badly beaten on the Texans' second possession, he also missed a tackle on the same play that cost the defense an extra 10-15 yards.

* Quincy Carter took over once again on the Cowboys' third possession. Carter promptly completed a nice crossing patter to Terry Glenn that went for about 18-yards.

* 3rd string running back Michael Wiley went for a nice 8-yard gain on his first run of the evening.

* Chad Hutchinson returned during the middle of the Cowboys' third possession. He completed his first pass out in the flats to Michael Wiley for minimal yardage and then completed his second pass for 12-yards on 3rd and one on a nice screen pass to Avion Cason.

* Hutchinson then threw his second touchdown of the scrimmage with an 8-yard completion to Dan Campbell. Hutchinson was masterful on the pass, throwing it into tight coverage in a spot where only Campbell could get it.

* The Cowboys continued to use a combination of first and second teamers through the Texans fourth offensive possession (which began at the 50-yard line). Pete Hunter and Jeff Sanchez were the corners at the start of the drive. Hunter had ample coverage after being tested in the endzone by 3rd team quarterback Dave Ragone.

* The Texans were stopped short on 4th and one in the redzone by Mike Myers, Jamaal Brooks, and Jamar Martin.

* The Cowboys weren't penalized until two offsides penalties were called during the Texans 4th offensive possession. The Cowboys also committed a costly late-hit penalty by Martin and a defensive holding penalty on the same play during the drive.

* Rookie linebacker Bradie James made several nice tackles on rookie running back Tony Hollings.

* Texans' rookie kicker Todd Sievers missed two 53-yard field goals.

* 3rd team QB Clint Stoerner came in on the Cowboys' fourth possession. His first pass intended for Reggie Swinton was broken up on a nice defensive play.

* Fullback Jamar Martin failed to convert on a 4th-and-1 play, but the Texans defense blew up the play from the very beginning. Martin made a nice reception out in the flats to redeem himself later in the drive.

* Former Hampton wide receiver Zuriel Smith made a nice reception from Stoerner on third-and-long during the Cowboys fourth possession Saturday night. However it was the following play that drew one of the loudest roars from the crowd. Smith made a leaping 25-yard reception across the middle of the field on the following play, even though the play was eventually called back.

The rookie wide receiver held onto the football after he was popped hard by Texans' safety Glenn Sumter.

* Billy Cundiff made a 45-yard field goal to give the Cowboys a 20-0 lead.

* The Texans added two late scores against the Cowboys' 3rd team defense to provide the final 20-14 margin of victory.

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