Brandon Carr Tackles Flint Water Crisis

Brandon Carr has covered superstar wide receivers such as Odell Beckham, Jr., Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, and many more. But his most formidable challenge yet is helping solve the water crisis in his hometown.

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has attracted criticism and political finger-pointing. If there are do-gooders seeking to restore safe drinking water for the residents of the city with over 100,000 residents, they aren't getting the attention.


Count Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr as one of those kind helpers. His intentions to aid Flint go beyond being a Good Samaritan or fulfilling the mission of his eponymous "Carr Cares Foundation," which has donated over $100,000 to fix Flint's water issues. Carr is a native of the Vehicle City and still has family living there. It hits home for the Grand Valley State alumnus.


"My dad, my brother, my aunts, my niece, and some other cousins around the way," Carr recounted to our pal, Keith Russell, of CBS 11. "So, I mean, all of my family is pretty much still in Flint."


After the city switched its water supply from Lake Huron to the nearby Flint River in 2014, anticorrosive measures were not kept in place. Thus, lead and other harmful contaminants seeped into the water supply, forcing Mayor Karen Weaver to declare a state of emergency on Dec. 15, 2015.


Carr has a big heart for children in the Flint area. Concurrent with his efforts to provide solutions to the water crisis in Flint, he is trying to raise $30,000 for three reading centers in two school districts within Genesee County, the county where Flint is contained. Having to see children suffer affects Carr, a father of two.


"That's the biggest devastation moment right there where the children have no control over it," said Carr. "They're born into the situation.


"It's an injustice. It's unfair that they have to experience this. I'm more so moving forward. How can we find solutions to this problem?"


In addition to allocating his own funds to fix the problem, Carr is going to employ what he knows best: man coverage. Within the coming weeks, as we chop up NFL combine results, celebrate the new league year, and scurry about providing details on the latest releases and signings, the 29-year-old who has not missed a game in his eight-year NFL career will be meeting with lawmakers and policy executors on how to solve Flint's water issues.


"We have to stay diligent in our studies and our resources to kind of help with these kids and not forget about them," Carr stated.


For more information on how to help Brandon and the people of Flint, go to and click on the donation links.


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