Quarterback Controversy Far From Settled

The Quincy Carter-Chad Hutchinson conundrum continues, even though Bill Parcells' decision on who will be the Cowboys' quarterback at the start of this season is still weeks away. Both Carter and Hutchinson have completed a few pinpoint passes since training camp began. On the other hand, both also have missed receivers badly at times.

"Quincy throws on the run a little bit better, but Chad hasn't practiced it as much," Parcells said. "He hasn't had it in his arsenal, while Quincy had movement all through college. So I have to get Chad a little up to speed."

Carter, the third-year player out of Georgia, has the advantage on mobility. But inconsistency has plagued him for the past two seasons. While he has shown the ability to complete difficult passes, he also has made game-killing errors.

Hutchinson was playing catch-up from the start last season after four years in minor-league baseball. Still, the Cowboys like his size (6-foot-5, 237 pounds) and upside.

Parcells prefers guys who move nimbly around the field, which would seem to give Carter an edge, but good legs aren't everything to Parcells. Victories are.

"I want to play the best guy that gives me the best chance to win," Parcells said. "All things being equal, the more versatile you are, the better. But if Hutchinson moves the team better than anyone else does, I would go with that guy."

Through the first week of training camp, Parcells said both quarterbacks rated well on play action, but poorly in third-down situations. He also said they looked sharper throwing to the perimeter than to the middle of the field.

Other News
Cowboys linebackers coach Gary Gibbs left San Antonio late Thursday to be with his wife and daughter, who were hospitalized in Oklahoma City after a car accident.

According to The Associated Press, the crash occurred Thursday night on Interstate 35 in southern Oklahoma. Gibbs' wife, Jeanne, 49, was driving the sport utility vehicle when she swerved to miss a small animal. The car rolled, killing 22-year-old passenger Austin McKaig, who was thrown from the car. Injured in the accident were Jeanne Gibbs, her 22-year-old daughter, Whitley; and McKaig's mother, Janis McKaig, 48.

Jerry Jones said Jeanne Gibbs made it through surgery safely, and that Whitley's injuries were not severe.

"We're grateful for that," Jones said. "Harrowing time for Gary and his family, but we were able to get him in there [Thursday night] to be with his family, where he should be."

During Gibbs' absence, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is working with the linebackers.

Depth Chart
The Cowboys released an unofficial depth chart that showed quarterbacks Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson as co-starters. At tight end, Tony McGee and Dan Campbell shared the top spot.

In another key offensive battle, rookie Al Johnson was listed ahead of Matt Lehr at center.

Defensively, Willie Blade was a first-team tackle ahead of Michael Myers. Derek Ross leads Mario Edwards at right cornerback, with Terence Newman the starter at left cornerback.

Reggie Swinton was listed as the kickoff and punt returner.

Quote of the Week
"You can only go by what you see and if you don't see it, ok. There might be a young guy you see has so much potential and he got hurt, that you do something with him, but it's just one of those deals. It's like fighting for the heavyweight championship. That's when they schedule the fight and you've got to show up and fight no matter how you feel. If you don't then they don't call you champ. It's the same thing. This is your rookie year, you come to camp and you have to figure out a way to overcome the obstacles that are in front of you and to displace someone who's already here." -- Cowboys coach Bill Parcells

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