Braxton Miller Would Love to Play with Dez

Ohio State wide receiver Braxton Miller spent some time with our pals Ben & Skin on 105.3 The Fan as part of their "Media Combine." Miller dropped some interesting quotes, including what the Cowboys offense would look like if he lined up opposite of Dez Bryant.

The Dallas receiving corps in 2015 had an opportunity to step up in the absence of the dominant Dez Bryant, whether in the off-season as Bryant held out while negotiating under the franchise tag or his five-game absence thanks to a broken foot on Opening Night. They didn't. The only Cowboys player to tally 100 yards or more receiving was running back Lance Dunbar with 100 receiving yards in a losing effort to Atlanta in Week 3. Third-year wideout Terrance Williams disappeared. Slot man Cole Beasley morphed into easily covered. And second-year receiver Devin Street was battling with newly acquired Brice Butler for playing time.


Aside from Dunbar's aforementioned performance and Bryant's 100-yard game against Philadelphia on Nov. 15, the Cowboys only had two other 100-yard receiving performances for the rest of the year: Beasley's 112 against the Eagles on Nov. 15 and Williams' 173 against Washington in the hospice-like season finale.


How would the Dallas offense, led by Scott Linehan, be any different with Miller lining up opposite of Bryant?


"You know, shoot, two ball hogs on the same side of the ball? Two playmakers? It's going to be tough for the defenses draw something up for us," Miller told Ben & Skin on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday. "It would be one of the best duos to have me and him on the same team. Two versatile, take-the-top-off-the-defense-with-speed, type of guys. So, it would be sweet."


Miller, who began his Buckeye career as a quarterback, shifted to wide receiver in July 2015 when he saw he was not going to beat out J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones for the starting quarterback spot. After spending all season at wideout, Miller caught 25 balls for 340 yards and three touchdowns, hardly anywhere near fellow teammate Michael Thomas' 58 balls for 781 yards and nine scores.


The pre-draft intrigue with Miller is in his versatility, much like what drew teams to Percy Harvin in the 2009 draft. Miller also rushed for 261 yards and a touchdown on 43 attempts in his senior season at Ohio State. The Vikings were willing to spend the 22nd overall pick on Harvin. Does Miller think he's worth the Cowboys' fourth overall pick in April's draft?


Said Miller: "Man. We play this game to win games. You recruit people to win games for you. Absolutely you need somebody who can go out there and make a play for you every possession of the game. Absolutely I'm going to be ready to be called on."


Miller posted 4.50 time in the 40-yard dash at the combine last week in Indianapolis. He also posted a 4.07 in the 20-yard shuttle. Most draft experts see Miller as a second-rounder. It is highly unlikely the Cowboys would spend such a lofty pick on a player expected to take gadget roles in his first season before transitioning into a full time receiver.


You can read Miller's answers to some of Ben & Skin's other football related questions below:


IS YOUR SPIN MOVE ONE OF MANY MOVES YOU HAVE? -- "It was a good one, but I've got plenty more I can showcase. When it's crunch time like that, you can see how I can make plays for them. I was put in great position to make a play, and my instincts took over. So, it was fun."


WHICH GUY IMMEDIATELY IMPACTS THE NFL MORE: ZEKE OR BOSA? -- "Well, it depends on what the team needs. Both are good at what they do. If you need somebody to make a big play handing it off or crunch time where it's third or fourth down, you trust your tailback to make a play for you. Absolutely. If you need somebody to put pressure on a quarterback, make plays in the interior like that, you go with Joey Bosa."


WHAT WAS IT LIKE TO PLAY WITH BOSA AND ZEKE? -- "It was great. When I was here, Coach Meyer had me help with the recruiting and stuff. So, that's what I did. I helped Coach Meyer with help recruiting guys like that, and it was a good experience. They grew up to be good players and now they're leaving in three years. So, it worked."


WHAT KIND OF AN EMERGENCY QB WOULD YOU BE? -- "I'd go back to my old days. That's my bread and butter. Receiver is my bread and butter, but I grew up playing quarterback. So, man, if it's crunch time, I love playing quarterback, especially on big plays like that. Every Sunday you'll play good teams. So, whatever the team needs, whatever the coach asks for, I'm going to do it."


DID YOU GET TO SPEND TIME WITH JERRY AT THE SENIOR BOWL? -- "I didn't have a chance with Jerry Jones, but Jason was with Jerry and the Steeler coach. And it was lovely. They taught me a lot in a week's time. I was trying to impress them on the receiver side and the special teams side. And they loved it. So, they taught me a lot in a week's time."

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