Exclusive: Cowboys Stephen Jones Says No Carr Decision Yet

Amid multiple reports of the release of Brandon Carr being released, Cowboys COO checks in with our Mike Fisher to detail the truth.

Mutliple national reports have insisted that the Dallas Cowboys are issuing an "ultimatum'' to Brandon Carr to take a pay cut and/or are on the verge of executing such a transaction.
Cowboys COO Stephen Jones checked in with our own Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan to dismiss the premature reports.
"We're weighing our options,'' Stephen told Fish. "We're not necessarily going in a certain direction at this time.''
Among those directions:
*Outright release Carr, thus creating $6.4 million of room.
*Cut Carr after June 1, creating $9.1 mil of room. (But meaning Dallas can't use that room until that time - well after the start of March 9 free-agent shopping.)
*Extend (or re-do, in theory) Carr’s present contract to add years and spread out the cost.
*Leave the contract untouched, meaning a $13.80-million cap hit and a $9.1-million that owner Jerry Jones is on-record as terming "an issue.''
"He's certain a player (for whom) the big issue here is the price,'' Jerry said. "He's a good player. It's the price.''
The Cowboys certainly wish they could employ players who do one thing Carr does very well: Work every day. He's an ironman, but with the "average'' corner being paid closer to $1.5 mil a year, he's overpriced.
Now, that doesn't mean the Cowboys have interest in Adam “PacMan’’ Jones, as has been reported; Fish said on 105.3 The Fan that the coaching staff and the personnel department doesn't support that pursuit. (Nor, he reports, is there any direct tie between a Carr depature and a PacMan get.) But there could be needs at the position depending on what Dallas does in free agency - which includes its own player, Mo Claiborne - and in the NFL Draft.
Fish also reports that if/when the Cowboys make a move with Carr, it'll be a sign that Dallas has a free-agency target/plan in place -- and needs money to do. But at this time, Dallas is $12 million under the cap and can activate "The Tyron/Tyrone Triggers'' to gain $12 million more.
But at some point, Carr's money may exceed Carr's value while at the same time Dallas needs that room. There will be action at that time ... but we understand that as of Thursday afternoon, the Cowboys brass has not met to formulate a final plan.

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