CowboysCast: Fish Dishes On Free Agency And WR Brice Butler Talks On His Cowboys Future

Bobby Belt Hosts CowboysCast: Fish Dishes On Free Agency And WR Brice Butler Talks On His Cowboys Future ... on a day when Dallas joined the Super Bowl champ Broncos in relative inactivity.

Free agency kicked off on Wednesday and we have a fresh CowboysCast to scratch that football itch of yours.



To kick off the program, Bobby Belt is joined by CowboysHQ’s Jordan Ross as the two of them welcome Cowboys receiver Brice Butler. Brice shared his thoughts on a whirlwind 2015, what he hopes to accomplish moving forward, and his real off-the-field passion: music.


Brice also takes Cowboys Nation behind the scenes and let them know about Cole Beasley’s propensity to rap a few bars for his teammates.


One of the biggest questions heading into free agency is about the pass rush. As any reader of CowboysHQ is aware, the plan calls for Greg Hardy to not be back in Dallas and meanwhile Randy Gregory is suspended for the first four games of next year. Bobby and Jordan kick around the subject and wonder if pass-rush help will be coming through the form of bargain shopping in free agency (in the form of maybe Eagles defensive lineman Cedric Thornton, with Adrian Clayborn staying in Atlanta) or with the No. 4 pick in the draft.



Finally, Mike Fisher joins Bobby for a jam-packed segment to discuss the Cowboys’ free agency strategy. ... or what some unhappy fans might say is a lack thereof. (Some Broncos fans probably agree.) Fish has the very latest from Valley Ranch on the DeMarco Murray trade discussions, where the Cowboys might be looking for defensive help for the just-re-upped Rolando McClain and company, and what might be in the works in the form of "Moore'' and "Moore'' at backup quarterback. Oh, and what's this DeMarcus Ware stuff Fish has been talking about on 105.3 The Fan and writing about at

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