Cowboys Tales Of Two Ends: Dallas Signing Jack Crawford While Greg Hardy Swears Innocence

Greg Hardy says 'hands off.' Jack Crawford says 'hands on.' Two Cowboys ends, two Cowboys tales.

While the Dallas Cowboys were creating good news at defensive end with Fish reporting on 105.3 The Fan at 2:42 p.m. that they're re-signing Jack Crawford, a former Cowboys end is creating news of a different sort.

Greg Hardy, who remains unsigned in free agency after a noteworthy year in Dalllas, is denying to ESPN that he has ever hit a woman.

"I've never put my hand on any women," Hardy said.

Hardy was discussing the 2014 incident involving former girlfriend Nicole Holder when played for Carolina. He signed with Dallas for the 2015 season.

"In my whole entire life, no sir," Hardy said regarding violence against women.

So Greg Hardy says "hands off." Meanwhile, Jack Crawford is saying "'hands on," according to Fish. Two Cowboys ends, two Cowboys tales. ... and while Hardy has a dubious reputation (we can tell you that his unsigned status is more about the "Uptown Flu" than anything else), Crawford is clearly seen as an "RKG."

                       Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Reports Fish at 105.3 The Fan: 

"I feel very close to the Cowboys locker room, Crawford told me last week. "it's about exploring options and figuring out what is best for me financially."

Dallas failed in its pursuit of Atlanta's Adrian Clayborn, gave $3.3 million in signing bonus to Benson Mayowa and worked to get Detroit's Jason Jones on the cheap. That salary earmarked for Jones now likely goes to Crawford, a 6-5, 280-pound Brit who at 27 is a versatile player and "right kind of guy" who recorded four sacks last year.

And later, at about 4 p.m. Fish's report is confirmed, by Crawford himself. RKG here.


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