CowboysCast: Cowboys Thoughts On Alfred Morris And Paxton Lynch

CowboysCast: Inside The Thoughts Of The Cowboys On Alfred Morris And Paxton Lynch ... And The One Who Got Away ...

It’s been an interesting week for the Dallas Cowboys and we recap it all on CowboysCast.

In a week that began with Patrick Robinson looking like a lock to become a Dallas Cowboy and Alfred Morris on the periphery, only Morris ended up with a star on his helmet. What got in the way of what seemed like a slam-dunk with Patrick Robinson?


As we know by this point, the often dirty game of agent politics that can pollute negotiations ultimately drove Robinson to Indianapolis. CowboysHQ’s very own Mike Fisher joins host Bobby Belt to explain the whole mess and where the Cowboys go from here.

And while Cowboys fans are still caught up in the free-agency whirlwind, the NFL draft is on the horizon. Memphis Quarterback Paxton Lynch is one name drawing a lot of buzz, but how much interest is there from the Cowboys? Fish discussed how the relative silence from the Cowboys on Lynch may say a whole lot. ... and as a companion piece, here's Jordan Ross' Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft complete with the latest Cowboys news and links.


Joining Bobby this week as co-host is Inside The Star columnist RJ Ochoa. As the NFL Competition Committee goes through its annual attempt to throw rules on a wall and see if they stick, Bobby and RJ share their thoughts on which rules are worth keeping, and which should be left in the dump.

We’ve got all that and more on this week’s edition of CowboysCast!


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