Cowboys Cast: NFL Draft Talk With Fish + Guest Devontae Booker

Mike Fisher, Dan Hatman, Devontae Booker ... thoughts on Joey Bosa ... the Cowboys and the NFL Draft from the inside ... It’s all here on this week’s CowboysCast.

If you had to pick a film title to describe Valley Ranch this week, “All Quiet on the Western Front” might be apropos.

And even in the relative calm before the storm, CowboysCast is here to deliver the storylines you won’t hear anywhere else.


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CowboysHQ’s Mike Fisher once again joins Bobby Belt this week to discuss the eerie lull out of Valley Ranch. While there are plenty of pundits right now who will try and tell you with absolute certainty what the Cowboys are going to do at No. 4, Fish kindly advises you to think twice.

“I see a lot of ‘experts’ saying ‘so and so is high on the Cowboys board,’” Fish says, “but any time somebody’s saying that to you, before, say, tomorrow – because I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow at Valley Ranch – they’re making it up. And you should unfollow them.”

And while it’s uncertain at this point in time who the Cowboys will take at 4, Ohio St. defensive end Joey Bosa is likely in the discussion. Bosa has been met with a number of shoulder shrugs from the Cowboys blogosphere.

Bosa is just one of five prospects host Bobby Belt talked about this week with The Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman. Dan says that Bosa should be met with excitement by Cowboys Nation, rather than indifference or anger if the Cowboys take him at 4.

“(Bosa’s) a guy that’s ready to go,” Dan says. “This is not one of those players that you’re hoping all the stars will align and magically he will translate his skills.”

And while Dan is confident in the pro that Joey Bosa will become, he’s quick to add that Bosa “might be closer to his ceiling than other players that are being mentioned.”

One guy who wouldn’t be in consideration for the Cowboys at 4, but very well may be in their sights in the 2nd or 3rd round is Utah running back Devontae Booker. Devontae joins Bobby to talk about the pre-draft process and also his thoughts on playing behind the mammoth Dallas O-line.


“When you have the big guys up front working their tail off to open up a big hole for you, you get excited as a runner,” Booker says.

Mike Fisher, Dan Hatman, Devontae Booker…what more could you want? It’s all here on this week’s CowboysCast.


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