Jason Witten: The Cowboys Brotherhood Is Getting Stronger

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten says the brotherhood inside Valley Ranch has gotten stronger after a disappointing 4-12 season.

We've got the front office working to build the roster; look at Jordan Ross' Cowboys Premium story on the visit of Ezekiel Elliott (along with most of the other 30-Visit names) and you can see that. Dallas used free agency, in the end, in a more active way that some think, too. They kept their own and they bolstered a few other spots, too. (Dig into the CHQ News Archives for all the stories.)

But the biggest issue of all for the Dallas Cowboys on the field is health. And maybe the biggest issue off the field is bonding.

Jason Witten tells us the Cowboys are in good shape in both these departments in this quickie Q-and-A:

IS IT GOOD TO SEE ROMO OUT OF THE HOSPITAL BED? -- "Yeah. It's good to see him. He's been a brother to me for the past 13 years. I know he's anxious to get out there and excited to see what type of season is 2016."

Indeed, here's my tweet on Tony Romo's own pronouncement to me regarding his health following collarbone surgery:


ARE YOUR OUTINGS WITH COACH GARRETT EXAMPLES OF HOW CLOSE THIS TEAM IS? -- "Yeah. I think it is. It's a real brotherhood, and ultimately that's what we'll all remember on that journey is that brotherhood, being called a teammate, and having coaches that you want to play for and they want to see you have success. Hopefully we're able to play in those big games and we're working our tails off to try to do it. It's good to go through life with such amazing men."

HAS THE BROTHERHOOD GOTTEN STRONGER THIS OFF-SEASON? -- "I do. I think it's tighter. I think anytime you have adversity, 4-12, it brings you tighter because it's for a common goal, you're trying to find answer. It's a collective, it's a shared commitment. No question we got knocked down in a lot of ways last season, but I think it forces you to even come closer."

(Even the new guys are into the bonding. Check out our story on free-agent signee Cedric Thornton on his Dallas "fathers.'')


DOES "WOW IT'S COMING AROUND AGAIN" EVER GET OLD? -- "No, it's so exciting. I feel like if that ever gets old, you need to get out. Hey, look, there's going to be a lot said between now and September and our first game. And ultimately we have to go do it. I think that's really as clear as it can be coming off this season and last year. And we believe we can do it, and I'm really more motivated now than I've ever been. I know a lot of guys feel the same way."

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