Cowboys - Lions Game is Cancelled

The NFL is currently considering three possible options in possibly making up or cancelling all of this weekends games. For the Cowboys, it comes at a time when the Lions might have been in the perfect situation for the upset.

The NFL is considering three options at this point:

  • Play a 15-game schedule except for San Diego, which is off this weekend and would play 16 games. The players would lose a week's pay, something that Mara said Upshaw had agreed to. Upshaw was not immediately available for comment.
  • Play this week's game on the wild-card weekend, and cut the playoff wild-cards in each conference from three to one.
  • Juggle bye weeks to finish a 16-game schedule and leave the playoffs the same. This seemed to be the least likely option.

With the Lions going through a quarterback transistion, and Anthony Wright possibly getting the call this weekend due to Quincy Carter's hand injury, the Cowboys will miss a serious chance to pick up their first win of the season.

Under the circumstances though, I think everyone in the country can identify with the NFL's decision on this one.

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