Cowboys NFL Schedule Comes Out - And Is Challenging

The Cowboys NFL Schedule Comes Out - And It Is Challenging ...

Cowboys 2016 Schedule

We’ve known which opponents the Cowboys would face in 2016, but now CHQ can officially piece together the 2016 regular-season schedule with exact dates and times. ... and a few quick thoughts ...


Full 2016 Schedule:

Week 1: September 11 – NYG – 3:25pm

Week 2: September 18 - @ WAS – 12:00pm

Week 3: September 25 – CHI - 7:30pm (SNF)

Week 4: October 2 - @SF – 3:25pm

Week 5: October 9 – CIN – 3:25pm

Week 6: October 16 – @GB – 3:25pm

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: October 30 – PHI – 7:30pm (SNF)

Week 9: November 6 - @CLE – 12:00pm

Week 10: November 13 - @PIT – 3:25pm

Week 11: November 20 – BAL – 12:00pm

Week 12: November 24 – WAS – 3:30pm (Thanksgiving)

Week 13: December 1 - @MIN – 7:30pm (TNF)

Week 14: December 11 - @NYG – 7:30pm (SNF)

Week 15: December 18 – TB – 12:00pm

Week 16: December 26 – DET – 7:30pm (MNF)

Week 17: January 1 - @PHI – 12:00pm


Here are some quick thoughts from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as our man on the scene, Mark Lane, caught up with him at the Nancy Lieberman Gala on Thursday:


"Liked it. Liked the late games. Of course, we do finish up with (Philadelphia) there at the end and that could be a little cool. The first thing we look for is cold, where we’re going to be playing in the cold. But I think the goal was to give everybody division games in those last games and they accomplished that with us. But I really like the rest of our schedule in the latter part of the year relative to weather."

Now, here's some of our thoughts ...

Home Opener:

Week 1: Dallas Cowboys host New York Giants at 3:25pm on September 11th

Surprise? Shouldn’t be. This marks the second year in a row and third time since 2013 where the Cowboys will be hosting division rival New York Giants for the season opener at AT&T Stadium. This could fare well for the Cowboys, as they’re currently 8-0 against the Giants in season openers.


"I think since we’ve done it so much, but particularly since we opened the stadium [against New York]," said Jerry Jones to our man on the scene, Mark Lane. "You add opening the stadium with the Giants and you couple it with the number of times we have been here and opened up and then all of a sudden, I think that starts speaking to that, the tradition. We, of course, love that game for our fans. It’s a great way to really set the tone for the year."



Week 12: Dallas Cowboys host Washington Redskins at 3:30pm on November 24th

After a disastrous Thanksgiving game in 2015 against the Super Bowl-bound Carolina Panthers, the Cowboys will face a division rival on one of the biggest stages in 2016. The Cowboys have faced the Redskins on Thanksgiving numerous times, the most recent being a one possession loss (38-31) in 2012. However, Dallas has overall fared well against Washington on Thanksgiving in every other meeting: 1968 (won 29-20), 1974 (won 24-23), 1978 (won 37-10), 1990 (won 27-17), 1996 (won 21-10), 2002 (won 27-20). 

Bye Week:

Week 7

For each NFL team, the bye week normally couldn’t come quick enough to nurse injuries. In 2015, the Cowboys had a bye week during Week Six. The two previous years before that, the Cowboys bye week fell on Week 11. In 2016, Week Seven is following an anticipated matchup in Green Bay, and conveniently lands the week before a home Sunday Night game against division rival Philadelphia Eagles.

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