Cowboys Jerry Jones: A Pre- NFL Draft (And Romo and Dez) Q-and-A

We caught up with Cowboys boss Jerry Jones at the Nancy Lieberman's Dream Ball Gala in Dallas to ask about the fourth overall pick, the Rams-Titans trade, Romo, Dez and more.

A Cowboys owner Jerry Jones Q-and-A as we are now under two weeks to go before the NFL Draft ...
WERE YOU SURPRISED BY THE RAMS-TITANS TRADE? -- "I was surprised but knowing the organization I’m not surprised. They’re really showing their colors to step out there and go to Los Angeles and then when you look at how they’re setting their sails, then it doesn’t surprise me at all for what they’re looking for in the future. It goes to show you that you certainly need to be thinking about your moves way in advance of the draft. If we’re going to go this early and I applaud them. It sounds like they got what they wanted, but then you’ve got to look at Tennessee and see all those draft picks. I didn’t know Herschel Walker was still around."
DOES IT CHANGE WHERE YOU MAY GO IN THE DRAFT? -- "I think it does. I think it does. Well, they obviously… Well, I don’t want to make any assumptions. But yeah it does impact because that kind of movement up ahead of you then in a lot of different ways it took a lot of the consideration out of the marketplace if you think draft picks are consideration, and it is. It certainly made a difference below that No. 1 pick as to what might be available in trading or in terms of making a decision with a player. It took two commodities out. It took picks. It took players."
DO YOU THINK THERE WILL BE TWO QB'S GONE BY THE TIME YOU PICK? -- "I don’t know. I’m just like you there. I’ve found that it is to speculate on what a team might pick is usually really wasted motion because the aspect of it the example today the trade. It just shows if you sit there and spend a lot of time going on those what ifs, I’m not much of a mock draft fan, although mock drafts are used throughout the NFL and used by the pros that are scouts that are in the room. I’ve never thought necessarily mock drafts accomplished anything but a good time for the scouts.''
ARE YOU HAPPY WITH HOW FREE AGENCY TURNED OUT? -- "I really am. I think that we accomplished getting players. I’m not going to say depth, because we need to have rotations, certainly on defense. Yeah, we accomplished that. But we’ve got more to do. Again, it’s not over relative to veteran players for the Cowboys, either."
WOULD YOU BE OPPOSED TO TAKING AN OL AGAIN? -- "It doesn’t look logical. It doesn’t look logical, but sometimes it can become just so obvious as to the value that I wouldn’t rule out anything relative to an offensive lineman. But you know, that’s probably where we’re the strongest right now and it doesn’t look like that’s the best use of a draft pick at any high level. But sometimes that just is overshadowed by the fact that you’ve just got too good of an opportunity."
WOULD YOU TAKE A QB AT SOME POINT IN THE DRAFT? -- "I don’t know. I don’t know. I can give you a real scenario where it can be pretty problematic if we do what we want to do and that’s have Romo play fairly injury-free and uninterrupted for the next three, four, five years. But let’s just go three, four, five. If he plays uninterrupted, then you’ve got a problem if you pick the quarterback this year because you don’t know what you’ve got really at a time when he may be entering the market. There’s an example of that this year. And so that’s one of the things you weigh if you’re in our shoes about whether to get interested in a quarterback this early in Romo’s career. It can be distorted by the fact that he has had some injuries two of the last three years. It’s something that I don’t have the answer to right now. I’m really hoping that maybe just the dynamics of the draft and the dynamics of the opportunity will help make this decision."
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HOW IS ROMO COMING ALONG? -- "Great. Great. Dez is (too). I got to spend some time with Dez today as well. We’re doing good. We’re just busy. Hard at it. We’re doing a quarterback workout this weekend. We’re going to be very hard at it here."
SO IS ROMO GOING TO THROW THIS WEEKEND? -- "No. He won’t. No. The answer is no. I don’t know if he could, but he won’t be throwing this weekend. When I say quarterback workout, we’re looking at potential draft pick.''
ARE YOU GOING TO SEE JARED GOFF THIS WEEKEND? -- "He certainly was in our 30 visits. But going to see him. Yeah. He operates in a pretty place. I like to have that excuse to go out there. No seriously, we are going to do a workout this weekend. It’ll be Goff. Out there before their spring game."

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