CowboysCast: We Pull Back The Curtain On The Valley Ranch War Room

This week's CowboysCast pulls back the curtain on what the Cowboys are thinking at No. 4 ... based in part on what the Cowboys have done before.

There’s a lot going on in Cowboys Nation, and CowboysCast with host Bobby Belhas got you covered with the latest.


 CowboysHQ’s Mike Fisher  joins host Belt and Inside The Star’s RJ Ochoa to pull back the curtain at Valley Ranch and reveal some of the objective tendencies of Dallas drafts in the Jones era.


And we now know that it will be Los Angeles and not Tennessee picking No. 1 in the draft. We've got Jerry Jones talking about that and much more in this Q-and-A here, and Bobby and RJ muse on what this might or might not mean for the Cowboys picking at 4.

Plus, with the NFL schedule now out -- and was our Cami Griffin the first to publish the Cowboys schedule with analysis? Yay! -- is there a better way to approach the scheduling than the league’s current preferred method? Bobby rants about the need for historic rivalries to have a place in the scheduling process.


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