The Top 10 Quotes From Cowboys Rookie Minicamp - 'Football Coffee'

The Top 10 Quotes From Cowboys Rookie Minicamp - 'Football Coffee'

No. 1 - Football Java

"I am re-energized every time I wake up. I'm telling you, this is the best stuff in the world. I wish you could drink my coffee. You'd really like it. It is really good. You get a wake up from coffee and coaching football. I just can't explain it to you." - Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who just did explain it to you.

No. 2 - Watching Jaylon


"I'm doing great. It's just a matter of time. I'll be watching, supporting and learning." - Rehabbing second-round linebacker Jaylon Smith. ( photo ... get more Jaylon-as-a-Cowboy stuff here.)

No. 3 - Eloquent Ezekiel

"I understand what's expected of me. I understand the lineage for the running back position of the Dallas Cowboys." - First-rounder Ezekiel Elliott. (Get more Zeke-as-a-Cowboy info by clicking here.)


No. 4 - Pope on Projects


"I've been married twice, so I've taken on some projects in my time." - Tight ends coach Mike Pope on the attempt to convert Rico Gathers from basketball player to football player.


No. 5 - Dak on Tony Tweet


"I think it is funny. I'm sure he'll think it is funny.… I was just a frustrated fan at the time. Now he's my teammate and I'm behind him 100 percent." - Fourth-round QB Dak Prescott reflecting on an old tweet saying he was "done" defending Tony Romo.



No. 6 - Graduation


"How’d you know that? He told you that. Yeah, I was impressed he answered the phone. That told me a little bit about the kind of guy he was – serious-minded. You can tell football is really important to him." - Cowboys WR coach Derek Dooley on undrafted free agent Andy Jones answering his call during Jacksonville State's graduation. (The top five UDFAs who might make the Cowboys roster? Get it here.)


No. 7 - Jumping Jacks


"We have to do things the right way, and if we don’t do things the right way right from the start those things will continue throughout practice, so we have a high standard for how we want to do things, the stretch lines need to be right, the jumping jacks need to be right, that carries over into team takeoff and the different drills we do before we get together and start running football plays." - Coach Garrett on why he stopped the team during jumping jacks at the beginning of practice.


No. 8 - Back to Quarterback


"That’s what I’ve been dreaming of ever since I was a little kid: to be given the opportunity to really focus on quarterback. Last year I was mainly special teams, so I was missing all the quarterback meetings and everything. This year, I figure it’ll be a lot less stressful for me." - Jameill Showers on being a full-time signal-caller this off-season

No. 9 - Maliek on Manster

"He's a dog. He's half-man, half-monster. He’s just an epitome of a Cowboys, really, what a Cowboy is. The way you play Cowboys football. Nine Pro Bowls ... it's crazy.” - Third-round pick defensive tackle Maliek Collins, given the assignment by Marinelli to study Randy White.

No. 10 - America's Team


"It doesn't matter now that I wasn't drafted until the fourth round. I'm with the best team in the country, the Cowboys, America's Team." - Oklahoma defensive lineman Charles Tapper.


BONUS: Zeke's Number




"If I could, I would've kept 15. I didn't think about (Emmitt's) 22 -- that's just something you don't do." - Ezekiel Elliott.


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