No Excuses for Dismal Start

After a dismal showing Saturday evening against the Arizona Cardinals, quarterbacks Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson offered no excuses for their poor play. Bill Parcells agrees wholeheartedly, "We couldn't even drop back and pass Saturday night," the head coach said.

Cowboys quarterbacks Chad Hutchinson and Quincy Carter offered no excuses for their disappointing performances in the 13-0 loss to the Cardinals Saturday night. Hutchinson completed five of 10 passes for 43 yards and had a lost fumble after a sack.

Carter was eight of 13 passing for 81 yards with an interception and a fumble. Neither quarterback got the Cowboys into the end zone on 10 possessions.

"I wanted to go out there and do well," Hutchinson said. "We didn't. I don't want to make excuses. It was a bad showing. I would have liked to play better."

Said Carter: "I felt we regressed from last week's scrimmage against the Texans. We didn't play well. We have to go back to work and make major improvement."

The poor effort appears more damning for Hutchinson, considering it was his chance to start with the first team offense and he didn't get anything done. Carter is expected to start with the first team in Friday's matchup against the Texans. However, it looks like both will get more time to show what they can do.

Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, who had hoped to name a starter before the third preseason game against the Texans, said things were so bad against the Cardinals that it wouldn't be fair to make a final decision so quickly.

"Things change as time goes on," Parcells said. "I might need one more game to decide. I don't know how you can evaluate. We couldn't even drop back and pass Saturday night."

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