Lucas Rumors Gaining Momentum

With the Cowboys poor preseason opener against the Arizona Cardinals Saturday night, the rumor mill at quarterback has fired up once again in a big way. Will Bill Parcells look to Ray Lucas to spark some competition in 2003?

The rumor mill is up and running once again.

After the Cowboys managed exactly zero points Saturday evening at Arizona, Bill Parcells has reportedly been, "exploring all of his options," so to speak.

Sure, the running game was nonexistent in Arizona, and yes, the protection wasn't great. Nevertheless, there is a sense of urgency in San Antonio this week. If only one thing can be said of the current state of affairs in training camp, it's that Bill Parcells won't be complacent when it comes to fielding the best team possible in 2003- especially on offense.

Yes Cowboy fans, there reportedly has been a Ray Lucas sighting in the San Antonio area during the last 24 hours.

You might remember many experts reporting earlier this year that new head coach Bill Parcells would after either Lucas or veteran quarterback Vinny Testaverde to help solve the Cowboys' offensive woes in 2003.

While it was talked about over the airwaves and on Internet message boards, it never materialized into anything more.

Bill Parcells himself put the rumors to rest in March when he said, "I don't know that I have any other options. I'm looking, but I haven't seen anything I've liked so far."

"I've had a couple of quarterbacks call me saying they would be anxious to come here if they could, but we haven't talked to them with any degree of interest. I'm going to see what we have here and see how that goes and then go from there. My mind-set is we're probably going to go with what we have now."

The rumors were justified though, as more than one source confirmed that there was initial interest between the Cowboys and Lucas, even though it was determined later on that his services wouldn't be needed.

Lucas has worked with Bill Parcells before with the New York Jets and the two have already established a certain amount of success with the season on the line. If anything, he a proven track record of helping losing teams learn how to win.

He took over the starting QB position and led the Jets to an 8-8 finish after a 1-6 start back in 1999.

And even though the door shut on Lucas in March, Bill Parcells has never completely denied the idea of the former New York Jet and Miami Dolphin making an appearance in Valley Ranch.

"I'm always on the lookout," Parcells said. "You have to try to use every resource and every vehicle throughout the whole calendar year and always maintain a constant vigil to get players."

From what we've heard, the idea of bringing Lucas to Dallas still appears to be a long ways off. In fact, it could be just a ploy to see how Chad Hutchinson and Quincy Carter respond in their next preseason game against the Houston Texans.

Lucas would be an ideal candidate to come in and provide support at the quarterback position. For one, if he's thrust into the starting position he'd likely be able to come in and contribute right away, considering his familiarity of Bill Parcells' offensive philosophy.

He's also in the perfect position to come in via the backup role, considering he really hasn't been a bonafide starter since his glory years with the Jets.

While we are hearing that a move to sign Lucas is anything but imminent, if the offense continues to remain stagnant, Bill Parcells will make a move, and make it quickly.

You can bank on that.

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