Cowboys OTAs: FishTips + A Foot Surgery For Rookie Maliek Collins

Cowboys OTAs continue inside of Valley Ranch and CHQ will be on the sideline today as we give you FishTips and the scoop on Maliek Collins' foot injury ...

FISHTIP 1: Dallas Cowboys OTAs are underway at Valley Ranch again this week, and Wednesday is a media-open day. Stay tuned to CHQ and to 105.3 The Fan for live updates from inside practice ... and while you wait, take a close look and discuss here our exclusive look inside the Cowboys' CBS Sports photo shoot this week ...


FISHTIP 2: Our Cami Griffin broke the news that rookie Maliek Collins may have a foot injury ...

Collins, the Cowboys' third-round pick, has, as far as we've noticed, been an OTA participant up until this point (and is also the last draftee left unsigned, with Charles Tapper and Dak Prescott inking on Tuesday. And now a confirmation and detailed advancement of the story as's David Helman writes that Collins suffered the injury last week during the Cowboys’ first round of OTAs and has had surgery that could cause the rookie to miss three months of preseason work.

FISHTIP 3: There is no value in giving away Ron Leary in a trade, even as he protests his backup status by staying away from Valley Ranch. As we note here in this historical study of trades of veteran guards in the NFL, you often get a late-round pick in return ... and me? I'd rather simply retain Leary.

But there is eventual value in trading Darren McFadden, in large part because he's expendable now that Ezekiel Elliott and Alfred Morris are here. When a team needs a veteran running back, the Cowboys will dangle Darren ... and you know what, maybe that's another reason to let him continue to take some first-team carries for now: A "showcase'' of sorts.

FISHTIP 4: As far as we know, Ro is a no-show. Rolando McClain is one of those "it's-always-something'' kinda guys. Assuming he continues to miss voluntary work, the Cowboys will continue to label his absence a "family matter.'' And it'll be the truth -- albeit a truth that keeps the talented McClain from being as fine a player as he could be. (See our expansive take on Ro here.)

At middle linebacker, you wait on rookie Jaylon Smith until next year. And you wait on Rolando McClain until he's damn good and ready.

FISHTIP 5: Get OTA talk in the podcast above and be aware that the Cowboys understand their issues at defensive end. Jack Crawford is good to do and Dwight Freeney isn't and we've got that explanation here.


FISHTIP 6: Let's see if Dez pushes his way past the trainers this week. He'd indicated to me that June 1 was a target date of sorts for him to do more following the foot surgery. Oh, and speaking of June 1, this is a day when NFL teams slice fat veteran contracts at less-than-usual cap pain. Dallas won't be slicing ... but the coming waiver wire around the league will be worth a glance. All this occurs as the Cowboys continue to go "A-to-Z'' through their springtime issues. A good, long look here.


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