Cowboys Cast: Dez And The OTA Outlook

Where's Ro, Dez' foot and more OTA Outlooks in this week's CowboysCast featuring Fish, Cami, Bobby and Bleacher Report's Matt Miller ...

The Cowboys are into their second week of OTAs and one question remains awfully puzzling to Cowboys fans:
Where is Rolando McClain?
Jason Garrett said last week the team’s starting MLB was away tending to a personal matter, but that he’d return this week. That has yet to happen. In this week’s edition of CowboysCast, CowboysHQ’s Mike Fisher joins Bobby Belt with the latest on McClain, Ronald Leary and the injury to Maliek Collins.  (See our expansive take on Ro here.)
In addition to OTA talk, Matt Miller from Bleacher Report stops by to assess the potential first-year impact of No. 4 pick Ezekiel Elliott. Miller also shares his thoughts on the potential of Dak Prescott, Collins and Jaylon Smith. And Cami Griffin helps us here: with Collins out for potentially 12 weeks, what can we expect from the defensive line? (More DL talk? Jack Crawford is good to do and Dwight Freeney isn't and we've got that explanation here.)


Meanwhile, Dez tells Fish he's got good news on that foot X-ray, and we talk about that, too ...  All this occurs as the Cowboys continue to go "A-to-Z'' through their springtime issues. A good, long look here. ...


... And it occurs as we present this week's CowboysCast ... enjoy!


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