RB Murrell Added to the Mix

The Dallas Cowboys added a running back that hasn't played in the National Football League in 2 years on Wednesday. Have things already gotten that desperate in the backfield this year?

Adrian Murrell is a veteran running back who amassed over 5,000 yards and 23 touchdowns during his eight seasons in the NFL.

Nevertheless, he hasn't played a down in the league in over 2 years.

"The way the league is structured now for an older veteran, it's more of a money issue rather than a playability issue," Murrell said in regards to his time off. "I think that was my biggest issue. I wanted to come back and play for someone who knew who I was."

"Unfortunately for the last year or two, I really didn't have that. I knew Bill knew what I could do. It's perfect timing," Murrell added.

Murrell played his college football at West Virginia before being drafted by the New York Jets. He played for the Jets for 5 seasons (1993-97) before spending two with Arizona (1998-99) and one with the Washington Redskins(2000).

"I really want to play," said Murrell. "I don't know how much I will play or what my role will be, but I know I'm here to work. There's no doubt that I've got something left in the tank."

Murrell has had some success at the professional level, rushing for more than 1,000 yards in 3 consecutive seasons (1996-98).

The former Big East standout also has 210 career receptions for 1,337 yards and five touchdowns.

"He has good running skills," Bill Parcells said. "He is a good kid and a solid person. I just want to see how he does."

Murrell is expected to come in and compete with Troy Hambrick for a starting position and also provide some much needed depth in the backfield.

The veteran running back was at his North Carolina home working out when he called Parcells two days ago on the advice of a friend. One day later, the Cowboys signed him after a quick workout in San Antonio.

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