Cowboys Jerry Jones Pre-Camp Q-and-A: Jaylon, Ro + 'Bad Taste'

Cowboys boss Jerry Jones hopped on with 'Shan & RJ' on 105.3 The Fan to talk a little football ahead of training camp. Here are the highlights:

From Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' Tuesday visit on 'Shan & RJ' on 105.3 The Fan ...
DOES KEEPING ROLANDO McCLAIN DESPITE SUSPENSION CREATE DOUBLE STANDARD? -- "It's certainly worth the note and worth the mention. Very legitimate question. I think that your cap management sometimes causes you to do some things. He will not count on our active roster during his suspension. And we do benefit from not having to take that cap hit and gives us every opportunity to maximize our ability to potentially recoup or get some of the bonus that we've got invested in McClain. And those cap dollars, while it is money, it's a check to help your team as your season goes along or if you save cap dollars you can pass that on into next year. Every dollar counts. It's justified because of the cap management. As to the chemistry that you're referring to, certainly he has as a player a very much respect as to what he can bring to the team. On the other hand, the way things worked this spring, his conditioning, the way it worked as far as letting his teammates down, all of that is frustrating for everybody involved, no one any more so or less than his teammates. All of that is a consideration. As far as him being around, involved in any way impacting the team during the year, that won't be an issue."
DO YOU THINK KEEPING RO AROUND UNDERCUTS GARRETT'S MESSAGE? -- "To a man everybody lobbied to have McClain on the team. Every coach that's associated with the team lobbied for that. Now, to be fair to everybody concerned, we didn't know that he was going to get suspended. But he certainly, his issues were potentially recognized, maybe not to the extent he would lose the games that he's got in this suspension. But make no mistake about it. With all of his warts, he was still considered a potential asset to the team by the coaches."
DO YOU STILL THINK JAYLON SMITH WON'T BE IR-ED? -- "Well, I don't know. We don't know. His progress is really undetermined, but that was to be expected. He is not off plan at all. The rejuvenation of the nerve that would help him get in the position to actually hit the playing field is not complete but it is not behind. It is to be expected. Our doctors are not dismayed at all. I'm not. And it's the type of thing that could really come around. And if it comes around then we'll take advantage of it. And he's such an impact player that we would try to get him on the field. In the meantime, he's doing many things that would let you use the word 'progress.' And, of course, he has unbelievable work ethic, character, resolve to help the team."
WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE STRUGGLE LAW ENFORCEMENT HAS FACED LATELY? -- "My heart is just so much with the families and if you will the families of all law enforcement in our area. And it's such a challenge for us to basically realize that, and become even more aware of the risk that law enforcement takes for us every day with their very lives. And I think I am going forward on a personal basis with a renewed awareness, a new commitment to do everything I can to help our law enforcement to help them get their job done and be safe."
SEE YOU IN OXNARD -- "I just can't sleep. I'm excited about being out there and getting this team ready to go. I've got a bad taste in my mouth. We all do. Let's rectify that. Get on with it."

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