Foles To KC; Cowboys Next QB Up?

Foles To KC; Cowboys Next QB Up?

The above video -- "I'm confident and I believe in myself,'' Nick Foles said as a member of the Rams last year, even as everything was falling apart -- hopefully says something positive about his mindset.

And the Dallas Cowboys could use something positive right now.

Toward the end of the Cowboys team drills in Oxnard on Tuesday, backup quarterback Kellen Moore suffered a fractured right ankle/fibula. CHQ now learns Moore’s injury will require surgery, which would keep him out a significant amount of the season. (As Fish reported last night on 105.3 The Fan, the "eight weeks'' expands in the event of surgery.)

After the dreadful 2015 season of not being able to find a serviceable backup to replace franchise quarterback Tony Romo, one of the Cowboys top off-season priorities was to find a backup quarterback to step in and win a few games if Romo were to miss any time. There has to be a way to get away from a “Romo-or-bust” mantra, right?

Nothing happened. The Cowboys front office simply window shopped.

Fortunately, in the fourth-round of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Cowboys selected quarterback Dak Prescott out of Mississippi State. Prescott has the NFL size, arm, and mobility, but is nowhere near being NFL-ready. Do the Cowboys stay patient to groom Prescott for the future, or do they throw him in behind Romo and hope he can adjust quickly?

Prescott, along with former Texas A&M and UTEP quarterback Jameill Showers, are currently Dallas’ only insurance behind Romo. Showers spent the majority of the 2015 season on the Cowboys practice squad. The unproven first-year pro has made significant improvements; drawing praise from football analyst/scout Bryan Broaddus, who claims Showers has looked the best on the field amidst the group of unproven youngster quarterbacks, even prior the Moore injury.

Now what? Do the Cowboys stay put with the duo of Prescott and Showers until Moore can return? Risky, considering many don’t believe Moore could handle that job to begin with. 

Current free agent quarterbacks who are still on the market are among the likes of Michael Vick (36 yrs. old), Jimmy Clausen (28 yrs. old), Matt Flynn (31 yrs. old), and T.J. Yates (29 yrs. old). Sure, there’s an option to trade for a serviceable backup quarterback like McCown or Glennon, but also risky (and pricy) after the Matt Cassel experiment.

There was also the 6-6, 27-year-old former Rams quarterback Nick Foles, who started 11 games in 2015. Foles’ best season came with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, throwing for 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions. Currently out of a job after the Rams chose to select quarterback Jared Goff with the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, it’s understandable for Foles to want to land with a team that gives him the best chance to start.

However, he decided late Wednesday that his best chance to accomplish anything is with the Chiefs and former mentor Andy Reid.

For the Cowboys, a (semi-)proven veteran who can win games in this league is exactly what is needed to keep the ship afloat if Romo isn’t healthy. It was rumored that the Cowboys would take a look at Foles as soon as he was released from the Rams in late-July, but owner and general manager Jerry Jones quickly shut that down. “Foles isn’t an option,” Jones said. “We can’t get him any snaps. We got four that are going to get snaps.”

Well, now there’s room for snaps. (And a connection.) And CHQ is confirming that Foles was on today's wish list. ... and we believe Dallas made an offer.

There comes a time when you have to develop your own guys rather than desperately bounce around between veterans. But at this point with Romo’s health, why not play it safe and do both? Groom Prescott. Groom Showers. Sign someone like Foles? Late Tuesday/early Wednesday, Cowboys media insiders were dropping hints ... and more.

The guys were onto something regarding Dallas' desires. But Foles wanted something else.

The Cowboys now have to consider the idea of making a trade for someone who represents an immediate upgrade over Moore. Glennon is reportedly in play. (CHQ has not confirmed that, or anything about Yates). McCown is a discussion item. (CHQ has confirmed that.) Shaun Hill, a Vikings backup with a Linehan connection, is being talked about, as we first reported Wednesday afternoon. And all of this needs to happen fast.  Because the Cowboys could use something positive right now.


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