Jerry Jones Still Excited with Dak Prescott

Cowboys top boss Jerry Jones joined our guys Shan Shariff, R.J. Choppy, and Mac Engel Tuesday morning on 105.3 The Fan to give his take on Romo's broken back, whether the team's energy was similarly broken, and also provide an injury update on Sean Lee.

HOW DID WE GET HERE WITH ROMO? -- "Well, it's pretty self explanatory. He came in and had an MRI the next morning, or the next day, and I got word of it late there Friday. Got word of it late there Friday that it was showing some fractures. So, that's kind of how that works out."
HOW LONG DO YOU EXPECT ROMO TO BE OUT? -- "I don't know and don't know that anybody does. But it's quite a range there, four to six, six to eight, eight to -- I just don't know and I don't know that anyone does that depends on the function he'll put in relatively quick and then he'll just need to get that back in good strength. And then we'll go from there."
DO YOU STILL THINK ROMO PLAYS 4-5 MORE YEARS? -- "One of the things that I think we know about health, age without trying to be cute just because I say it doesn't make it so. And the same goes for you as well because we'll all guesstimating and estimating a lot of different things there. But I have every reason to believe, the doctors have told us this injury is not one that would compound his situation at all relative to his injury. And, so, I don't have any reason other than the very obvious, and that is that when it happens and you're left with limited time that he's out there, then it certainly gives you more cause to be more sensitive and aware that him, as well as any player, could have a limited time. And it's part of our game. But, still, I'm not trying to be trite. I'm not trying to be positive. I'm not trying to be negative. We just have a situation where, as we would with any player, that we've got to deal with the prospects of injury and with these coming off last year as well as this year dealing with some injury, then it makes it more acute and makes it more sensitive."
DO YOU FEAR ROMO HAS TO RETIRE BECAUSE OF THIS? -- "Well, he'll retire sometime. But I don't expect this injury to cause him to retire."
WHAT'S THE LATEST ON GETTING A BACKUP QB? -- "We'll go into the game with what we've got Thursday. And then we'll check the waiver wire. It's not impossible that we go with two quarterbacks during this interim period of time with Tony. We are having and getting other opinions, other information to give us a better feel for the length of time we may be looking at here as to whether or not we put him on IR or not. So, that has some bearing on it."
WILL DAK PLAY THURSDAY? -- "I don't think we've -- I don't know that we've come to a total conclusion on that. We do want to be very mindful of the fact that we got to have him for our opener. So, that's the limitation of having this game on Thursday is that we have a lesser time for somebody to heal up from a nick, and I'm not trying to be elementary here, but we'll be very mindful of that. And Dak is our man going into the opener. So, we'll take that into consideration."
DOES ROMO'S INJURY DOUSE YOUR OPTIMISM? -- "Well, it's a setback. But I don't know that we aren't going to get into the mode of looking ahead into the season of when we'll have all hands on deck or he'll be coming back. We don't want to get into that mode like we were last year. That was fatal to us last year and I think impacted the mentality of everybody. We don't have to do that this year. I think the overwhelming sense on the team is we're going to go with our guys that are healthy, and in this case that includes Dak. And we're going to win games. I think that's as a result of what we didn't do last year."
HOW MUCH DO YOU EXPECT THE OFFENSE TO CHANGE WITH DAK? -- "Well, I don't think Dak has the same range in the sense, maybe that's not the right word, but he has the same playbook, the entire playbook, if not from just the obvious and that is that he doesn't have that kind of experience. On the hand he'll be able to do some things that we wouldn't do with Tony in terms of moving around or in terms of some of he option things that might be more physical. We wouldn't have done that with Tony and we will do that with Dak. And Dak can be a big difference. But some of your option stuff could be consideration. He could be somebody that they have to account for more in the running attack and just play-option type stuff."
DO YOU ENVISION A SCENARIO WHERE ROMO DOESN'T GET HIS JOB BACK? -- "I haven't so much as even thought about that. This is really the first time I've heard that. And that's too optimistic, if you really want to know the truth about it, to think about it."
DO YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY TODAY AS YOU DID IN '06 WHEN PARCELLS WENT WITH ROMO? -- "Well, that still goes. I think the more experienced quarterback you have the better chance you probably have of being mistake -- not having mistakes beat you. That's just something that comes with experience is playing, being safe with the ball. That comes to my mind immediately. Frankly, I can give you, in Tony's case, we opened up more offense with him, although we had the concern of him turning the ball over. This may have similar characteristics about it. But on the other hand Dak has been pretty careful with the ball. He has given us some offense out there. Plus, I like where we are with the other parts of the offense, obviously the protections, the running game, all of that. I think frankly we're better now than we were then on that side of the ball. I'm not saying better as a team. I'm not ready to make that statement, but certainly from the standpoint of what we can do offensively and some of the other things we can do that we don't have to depend on that experience are there and alive in this team."
HAS THE ROMO INJURY CHANGED YOUR VIEW ON THE PRESEASON? -- "Well, it's been this way. This is my 27th year. And it's never been any different than it's been now. It's always been a hot topic during the preseason. And, so, I have some of the same thoughts only flavored with the 27 years that I've been involved. Certainly we always look and continue to look for ways to have less games. You guys know the history. I think at one time they had as many as 12 preseason games. In many years they had six or seven preseason games. So, if you look at it over a period of years, it's gone down. The preseason has shortened. But those were years when the players sold insurance in the off-season, so did Coach Landry. And, so, they just actually pro football had a part time-ish flavor to it."
WHAT'S THE STATUS OF SEAN LEE? -- "No, he's not hurt at all. Not in any way. I don't know if he'll play Thursday but I'm not so sure I understand your question (Mac)."
WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF COLIN KAEPERNICK? -- "I have no comments or thoughts there because I don't want to talk about the personnel of another team at all. But I sure am proud of our guys and what we did at training camp and proud of how they have handled things. So, we'll leave it at that. I think answering your question that way is very appropriate since I thought our guys did a great job the way we started training camp in recognizing our need to join together and bond as far as our community is concerned."
DO YOU STILL HAVE EXCITEMENT ABOUT DAK STARTING WEEK 1? -- "I do because his promise and future, the promise of his future has created a lot of energy. And there's no doubt. That's reality. And you can feel it, you can see it, and this is a team game, to be very trite. And, so, energy counts for the entire. It's never been a one-man show, although Tony was critical and the most important ingredient. But we've got a lot of energy here. And we can win with this. I think Dak under center brings a lot of that there. That doesn't mean you didn't have a lot of excitement with Tony being healthy. But on the other hand, and I don't want to talk out of both sides of my mouth, but we've got a chance to develop that energy, that asset so to speak with Dak, and have both because Tony will be back."

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