Darren Woodson's Cowboys Season Preview: Team Captains Named

Dallas Legend Darren Woodson Offers A Cowboys Season Preview: His Key On Offense And His Key On Defense ... Plus, Dallas Names Its Team Captains For 2016 And Notes From Inside The Star ...

The Dallas Cowboys are starting the 2016 season with tempered hopes, I think, all because of the back injury to Tony Romo, who is staying on the roster via a decision so notable that Jerry Jones pulled out his old "circumcise a mosquito line.'' (Our coverage of the Romo decision is here.)

But these Cowboys still think of themselves as "THE Cowboys'' ... trying to represent as Tom Landry did in another generation, trying to represent as Darren Woodson did in a more recent generation.

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"What Tom Landry represents has been A-class forever,'' says Woodson, speaking to me about winning the 2016 Landry Legend Award from the Cowboys organization. "He's been a man who's done so much for the organization, and for the state of Texas. When you can drive down the highway and see the hat ... it's Jordanesque. You see the hat and you know it represents Tom Landry as 'special.'''

Landry was about many things, including leadership, an issue of the day as Dallas has named its 2016 team captains: Travis Frederick, Jason Witten, Sean Lee, Dan Bailey and Barry Church.

How difficult was the players' vote? I asked Lee. He knows exactly what I am talking about.


Woody was about many things, too, including leadership. He followed in the footsteps of his predecessors as one of the greatest Cowboys ever. And the Ring of Honor member and deserving Hall-of-Famer (hopefully someday) also serves as a keen observer of this year's club. In addition to the aforementioned team captains, of course, he sees one individual as an offensive key to the season that begins Sunday with a visit from the Giants ... and another individual as Dallas' defensive key.

Woodson's Cowboys Preview, Offensive Key

It's disappointing, "to say the least,'' Woody says of Tony Romo's injury status. "To know that Tony's not going to start the season as a starter and all hope was going that direction ... Yet for Dak Prescott to come in and start the season the way he has, in the preseason, it's unbelievable. I know he's been seeing vanilla defenses, and I don't want to get ahead of myself. He's going to see defenses that absolutely try to take away his strengths. But he's got the poise, the confidence and the running game to be highly successful in this offense. Give some credit to the coaching staff. He's played to his strengths. Play-action. Shotgun. They've kept it pretty simple for him.''

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I ask Woody, speaking of simplicity, about the complications the Giants (and other teams) will throw at Prescott.

"The formula the Cowboys do have,'' he says, "is the guy on the outside named Dez Bryant. At some point, during a game, you'll have to double Dez and you show your hand once you double him. So that could make it a lot easier for Dak. If they double Dez, you know there won't be a safety in the box and you know what you have in the running game. Dez can make things a lot easier for Dak.''

Woodson's Cowboys Preview, Defensive Key

One of Woodson's great skills during his brilliant Dallas career was versatility from the safety spot. He could creep up to the line as a 'backer, could slide around in the secondary and cover receivers, could dominate from his usual position ... and could disguise his position and his intent.

Maybe Byron Jones is his heir?

"Byron Jones can be the first Byron Jones,'' Woody tells me. "And what I like about it is they simplified things for him this year. That first year, he was asked to be a cornerback, nickelback, safety position ... for them to put all that on his plate, and for a young guy to handle it, is just tremendous. I couldn't believe all he did.''

Jones, now entering his second year, is essentially locked in at safety now.

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"This year, they put him at the safety position,'' Woodson says, "and every once in a while he can cover on third downs from the slot and cover tight ends. But mostly, it's simpler for him now. I think this guy has a tremendous upside and this year will have an even better season.''

That doesn't make Jones a Woodson clone. And "Dak's Cowboys'' aren't Jordanesque like "Landry's Cowboys'' were. But if Dallas is to experience success in 2016, starting Sunday with the Giants, Darren Woodson may have just pinpointed your two key personalities.


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"There's no leash on Dak. You guys blow me away. There's no leash on him. Heck, he's in. He's going to be playing. We're very comfortable with him. There's no short leash. There's no long leash. We got us a player we hope can win the ballgame for us (Sunday)." -- Jerry Jones, to "Shan & RJ'' on 105.3 The Fan, part of "Jerry Unleashed,'' here.

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