Cowboys Week-Ending 53-Man Roster Projection

ARLINGTON - Texans-at-Dallas can change some of this, but ... CHQ's Cowboys Week-Ending 53-Man Roster Projection ...

The Dallas Cowboys have come all this way and yet ... we don't find the slicing to a 53-man roster all that difficult. Let's play ...

Quarterback (3):

Romo, Prescott, TBD-- Ownership will wait to keep Tony Romo on the 53. Personnel will want to pry Aaron Murray loose from KC. And coaching has its hands full prepping Dak Prescott.

Running Back (4):

Elliott, Morris, Jackson, Dunbar -- With McFadden stashed.

Wide Receiver (5):

Bryant, Williams, Beasley, Butler, Whitehead -  No, you don't need to learn anymore about Dez. (Except at the JUGS Machine, where he's an "angry fun'' man. Butler pushing T-Will? Let's keep watching.


Tight End (4):

Witten, Escobar, Swaim, Traylor  -- Hanna has that "knee bruise'' (and you know what that might mean). A full boat. Let's hope somebody can block.

Offensive Line (9):

Smith, Collins, Frederick, Martin, Free, Leary, Looney, Green, TBD -- Leary would still like to go. Another guy who can play still might be on the come, once other clubs cut to 53 on Sept. 3.

Defensive Line (9):

T. Crawford, Thornton, T. McClain, Collins, J. Crawford, Mayowa, Irving, Russell, Tapper - Tank will be ready a month into the season, but that doesn't help now. (See my 1-on-1 with Lawrence here). But a trade for an edge-rusher with skins on the wall would help, too. 

Linebacker (7): 

Lee, Hitchens, Wilber, Durant, Nzeocha, Gachkar, Wilson - Lee and JAGs.

Defensive Backs (9)

Jones, Church, Heath, Frazier, Scandrick, Carr, Claiborne, Brown, Olatoye -- Wilcox has faded. See how easy that was?

Specialists (3):

Bailey, Jones, Ladouceur -- I'm not saying it's right; just that it's "easy.''


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