Jerry & Stephen Talk Dak, Defense

Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones went on 105.3 The Fan Friday with our friends in the G-Bag Nation. Later on Ben & Skin which follows G-Bag, COO Stephen Jones fielded some questions. Take a look at how the Jones boys see things differently and the same.

DO YOU HAVE A FEELING FOR WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH DAK? -- (Jerry): "No, I don't. And the bottom line is the options, or the different things that could happen, we're well apprised of that. From the standpoint of exactly just how we will be able to move against a Giants -- first start with the Giants. There's ambiguity all over that on how we're going to be able to match up period as far as if we had Romo out there. What would we be doing? Because they're a revamped defense. They've got excellent personnel now on defense. And, so, they're a big job for us. And then you start with how we are going to do and what's going to be a result of a lot of work in the off-season, a lot of promise and work with Dak at quarterback. You look at getting Dez back, the receiver combinations that we've got there. I think our only constant or consistent thing that I can see is the offensive line. It's still in tact. We've got good depth on the offensive line as we start this season. That's the place to start. But beyond that I think there's a lot of guess work."


(Stephen): "This team was constructed around that. And we just decided to go all in with our resources on the offensive side of the ball. As I've mentioned several times, we really see the difference maker in the draft on defense. So, I will say that that's the commitment that we made there. And even though I know it's just so difficult anytime you lose your starting quarterback, and I do think that we are handicapped by not having Tony out there. I think we are a better football team for sure with Tony in the game. But at the same time there's a quiet confidence in Dak here that we haven't had in other quarterbacks in the past. So, I just think this offense can still really carry this football team and help our defense in terms of possessing the ball and doing the things in addition to scoring points, which will obviously put pressure on the other offenses.




WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM DEZ THIS YEAR? -- (Stephen): "I expect great things, a similar performance if not better believe it or not than what he had before we had the contract issue that we had to work through. And I think he's in a great place mentally. And he seems so focused on this team and so focused on getting himself in the best possible place to have success. He doesn't seem to be distracted and seems to be all about our team and the Cowboys. I just have been the last couple of days even noticing him even taking it to another level and making plays out there on the practice field. It reminds you so much of what he's capable of doing. So, I expect big, big things from him."



DO YOU THINK YOU COULD USE MORE DEFENSIVE LINEMEN? -- (Jerry): "I don't want to be trite, but you could do that with every team, every roster, and you could take a spot on those rosters. And you could say that's where they're deficient. Every team in the NFL has pluses in its roster and then is deficient in other parts of its roster. Right now, that's our challenge is our defensive front. And, so, yeah, we could use more there. But that just happens to be our spot relative to other teams that are lacking at receiving or lacking in the secondary or lacking in the offensive line in particular. More often than not, it's the offensive line for other teams right now."


(Stephen): I just really like where this team is. And at the same time, I love the underdog mentality I think people are giving our defense. I think they are much better than they're given credit for. You obviously look across, especially when you talk about pressuring the passer, you don't see the obvious production that people look for. But at the same time they're an athletic group, they may be well-coached. I really like what we're doing on that side of the ball with Rod and what Matt Eberflus has brought to the table in terms of our passing defense. I just think there's going to be some surprises out there in terms of what our defense can actually accomplish."



ARE YOU GOING TO RIDE A LOT IN JER FORCE ONE? -- (Stephen): "I try to bum a ride every now and then if he'll let me get on. But we are spread out with AT&T Stadium and a great stadium like Arlington and of course our practice facility being in Frisco. We have so many great things going on in downtown Dallas. We make our home. You get spread out very easily and spending all day in a car. So, I think he finally decided it was probably worth it when we start showing people around what the Cowboys are all about. And we got two great crown jewels obviously in the AT&T Stadium and The Star and of course the great brand of the Cowboys which we just had our chance to run with the ball as Jerry likes to say: you have to give a lot of credit to people like Tom Landry and Tex Schramm and the Murchisons. It's an amazing brand that people really resonates with our fans and people. We just, as Jerry said, we give up a lot of this stuff to get another ring on the finger. And that's squarely in our lap. And we certainly understand that and it's certainly not acceptable that it's been this long for our fans in terms of bringing a championship back to the Cowboys in Dallas. So, it's first and foremost on our agenda. And we're more committed than ever to get that championship."
(Jerry): "I smile about that because surely we can have a better name for that mode of transportation. Let's give it 'The Bus.' I haven't seen Jerry anywhere on that bus and let's kind of carry that on through to the helicopter. As it would turn out, we have a great relationship with Airbus and it is a great one. And that are a partner of ours as is other sponsors. And consequently, we not only wanted to have one but we do have circumstances now where we're moving people around every day between Arlington and Frisco and frankly other places and we also have key people that we're associated with, key customers, key sponsors that we're associated with. And they have important people. And many of them are going to be right out there at The Star and we'd like to have a nice way for them to get in and have a little flair attached to it. That's what that's all about."
WHAT WERE YOU THINKING LETTING FISH IN THE HELICOPTER? -- (Jerry): "Well, Fish, all you got to do is realize that Fish walks about two feet off the ground in terms of his approach to things. He's a lot of fun. I don't know which I have the most fun with: him or Terrance. And we have a big time with working together. And both of them I've worked with for years and years and years. So, I have a lot of fun. I pictured Terrance back where the rotor was. I fixed him up a little jockey saddle and I can picture him going up and down the toll, the back of that thing."

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