Cowboys Jerry Q-+-A On The Sun, The Anthem + Rehabbing Randy

Cowboys boss Jerry Jones joined 'Shan & RJ' on 105.3 The Fan to talk about why Dez Bryant couldn't get the ball, what to do with the glare in AT&T Stadium, and if Randy Gregory has rejoined the team. Take a look.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reflects on the Week 1 20-19 loss to the Giants:
DID YOU FEEL LIKE WITH TIME-OF-POSSESSION ADVANTAGE, THAT WAS A MISSED OPPORTUNITY SUNDAY? -- "I do. And I'm sure all those of us who are real close in haven't gotten over it. We've got the 24-hour rule. But it did feel like a missed opportunity. Now, I want to give the Giants credit. They made touchdowns instead of field goals. Early on when we first got with the Cowboys, we really publicly stated a few times we're really not into spending a lot on a kicker because if it gets down to three points in a football game in the NFL, you're usually got a good chance to come out the loser. And, so, you got to score touchdowns when you get down in there close, at least a nice percentage of times. We didn't do it. They did, and boy, that was the difference in the ballgame."
CAN YOU REPEAT WHAT YOU SAID WHEN TERRANCE WILLIAMS STAYED IN BOUNDS? -- "He's a fine football player. And even a better individual. He's one of the most conscientious pro(s), if you want to define one, that we have out there. And he's coached to get out of bounds. And obviously if he had it to do over again, he would go straight out of bounds. But that was unfortunate."
WAS DEZ'S DAY A PRODUCT OF THE GAME PLAN OR THE GIANTS DEFENSE? -- "I don't want to make it either/or. I'll take both consequences. It was unfortunate. We should have had at least one of them. When you get three tries there like he did, you'd like to have him six. But when he gets going for the ball, he'll usually come down with a decent percentage of those. And, of course, all he had to do in at least two or three of those opportunities was catch the ball and that game probably has a different outcome. But he will catch those. He has caught those. He does catch them. And we'll be able to have one of those down in the red zone result in a touchdown rather than a field goal."
WITHOUT ROMO, IS THE OFFENSE TOO CONSERVATIVE? -- "I think that's a rookie start. And, so, do you by design, do you by execution? Are you a little more conservative than if you had Romo in there? Listen, we miss him. Tony Romo, for them to walk out there with Eli Manning and for us to not have Tony Romo was a setback. On the other hand, we are all excited about what Dak can bring. And when you look at what Dak can bring, you say, boy, I'd like to have seen him keep that ball a couple more keepers in hindsight here. I thought he played outstanding. It was real, real rewarding as well comforting. And not to get complacent. I'm not saying that. To watch him operate out there Sunday. That should encourage every Cowboys fan. No, I don't want to go to game plan, play-calling. All of that factors in. We lost the ballgame with what the concept that we want to win ballgames with, and that's time of possession, no turnovers, those kinds of concepts. We got to come out of there with wins when we do that. We just didn't score a touchdown."
DO YOU FEEL LIKE IF YOU PLAY THAT TYPE OF GAME AGAIN, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A WINNING RECORD? -- "I do. I love to have a game. I want to improve and nothing is perfect when you play a football game. But if we can have a game go that way against a team that does have a seasoned quarterback, a team that does have a better defense than they had last year. If we can play that game and get the kind of play out of Dak Prescott and what we should expect in the future, that's real positive. That's very, very positive. And, again, I want to emphasize, boy, do we miss Romo."
DO WE NEED TO PUMP THE BRAKES ON THE DAK PRESCOTT HYPE TRAIN? -- "I think in general we shouldn't get too far out there with Dak. Let's look at what we opened with with a division game and you can go through all of that. An important game in front of a lot of people and he played well. And he played well enough to win ballgames in the NFL. And so that's what it is. He was consistent if you really look at it. He was consistent with how he played in preseason. He was consistent with how he prepares. Now, all of that doesn't get you a win. And we're down to, when we start our regular season, we're down to where what counts is winning a ballgame unless you let a little of 'boy, look at what we've got working for the future.' If you let a little of that get into this conversation, get into that ballgame, then you got some positive things to think about for the ballgame. Now, we can play better. We can block better. Those mistakes on last and next to last two possessions, oh, how much they're hurt by penalties by some really key guys on our team and key drops. Those hurt. We can expect these players that we have, the supporting cast around Dak, we can suspect to play better, expect to play better. We will play better by those players."
 IS THERE ANY CHANGE IN ROMO'S AVAILABILITY? -- "Without being trite, there doesn't need to be any change. Nobody but the man upstairs knows when that's going to be. And that hasn't changed. But he certainly is getting better. He'll have progress by any tangible judgment. He'll have progress this week. He'll have progress next week. What has always been the case is: is it going to be six, is it going to be 10, is it going to be eight? That's always out there. That hasn't changed."
WHY DID IT APPEAR ALFRED MORRIS WAS MORE EFFECTIVE THAN ZEKE? -- "I think if you look at their average gain per carry then Alfred's was higher. That's why it appeared to be the case, which is more than appearance. It's technically right. And I think it's more about what Alfred Morris is than what Zeke isn't. I think Alfred Morris is a unique, find-the-soft-spot, patient runner with size. And, boy, he's going to help us. We saw it. There wasn't one thing different than what we saw the other day than from in training camp. So, he's a big addition. And to know that we have McFadden on the come and we obviously, everybody says it, 'Man, let's get the ball into some of those playmakers' hands that we didn't Sunday.' Well, duh, everybody wants to do that. The other team has something to do about keeping that ball away with that alignment with some of those key playmakers. But we have to continue to do it even more. But when it comes to what we can do, that's try to block them and hand the ball off. Now, defense doesn't keep you from doing that. They keep you from doing it effectively. But you can go make that play. You have to have a little help from alignment on defense to make your pass completions. But literally from handing the ball off we can do that. Alfred Morris is going to be good for us this year."
HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT PUTTING SOME CURTAINS UP ON THE WEST SIDE AT AT&T STADIUM? -- "Let me say this. And I'm smiling when I say this. But there's more to it than sponsorship opportunity. Sponsors would say, 'Let's win a ballgame, Jerry.' And certainly to the extent that you can improve playing conditions, the key to that stadium is flexibility and it was built to be like a theater in New York. You can change it out from whatever type of presentation, show you want to do. Well, that stadium is totally flexible in about every way you can think of.
"Now, as to the sun: We all know that you can take a look at our schedule and you can plot a different sun course according to the time of day. Obviously we don't worry about it at night. ... You don't worry about it on real cloudy days. You don't worry about it as the year goes along to the extent that you might have it. But we should really know that as opposed to our opponents. And one of the things about sports, especially in football, is the very team we played Sunday had a special wind draft in their older stadium. And, boy, did they play that. They knew it. They knew how to work that wind good. They knew how to open and shut the doors. It's almost legendary. And it's not uncommon to play to different stadium's condition. We used to at Texas Stadium have an 18-inch drop off from the corner of the end zone to the crest of the field. In other words, it dropped off 18 inches, a foot and a half. Boy, did we play that in making pass completions right and left. And that was an important thing for us. It caught ... the opposing team ... off-balance.
"So, all of that is in play here. You got to know your stadium. You've got to know how to play certain conditions of the stadium. ... In fact, we can do things that might mitigate the sun. But just as importantly, just 10 yards up the field or 10 yards up the field, that's where Terrance Williams made his catch. Same side looking back the same way, but a little farther up the field. So, you're looking at a really fractional impact as you look at an entire year and an entire season, time of day, time of field, direction a team is going and all of that. And by the way, you do want the quarterback looking into the sun if there is a sun element. You don't want the receivers looking back at the sun like we had Sunday."
WHERE ARE YOU WITH RANDY GREGORY? -- "I don't want to comment simply to any part of it because a lot of it I don't know. It gets pretty personal when it gets into medical. But I will say this: he has not completed his rehab. He will have rehab for a long time. It's arguable he may always rehab. And, so, that's definition and being a little bit succinct with words. But having said all of this, we hope that he continues to do what he's been doing. He is back with the team. He'll more than likely certainly be in team. As to whether or not he'll have physical activity there, the league allows that now. It used to be that if there were any type of suspension on any basis, you couldn't come to practice facility. That's not the case now. And you can use the practice facility and literally be as involved with the team as you might could expect of a member of the team."

ARE YOU PLEASED ABOUT COWBOYS PLAYERS NOT PROTESTING THE ANTHEM? - "We strongly, strongly support the flag in every way we support -- and it's almost ridiculous to be saying it -- the people who for generations and generations have given it all up so that we can get out here and show off in front of millions of people on television.

"We respect that so much. That's the real business. The forum of the NFL and the forum on television is a very significant thing. I'm for it being used in every way we can to support the great, great contributors in our society, and that's people that have supported America, the flag, and there's no reason not to go all out right there. And for anybody to use parts of that visibility to do otherwise is really disappointing."


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