Q&A with Joey Galloway

We caught up with wide receiver Joey Galloway after Thursday night's 15-14 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers to get his thoughts on training camp, Bill Parcells, and the game itself. "We let it slip it away," said Galloway. "The end result was every disappointing."

Joey Galloway has been the subject of controversy in Valley Ranch ever since his arrival in Dallas just three short years ago.

With wide receiver Antonio Bryant now in the picture, it appears as though Galloway's role with the team has been deminished under new head coach Bill Parcells.

In addition, the quarterback controversy that has seemingly persisted in Dallas for the last 3 seasons surely hasn't helped his situation.

"Anyone who's been around long enough knows that you never know what's going to happen," said Galloway. "In my 30-some games here I've played with seven different quarterbacks which makes it difficult from a timing standpoint. But I don't get concerned with who's playing quarterback."

We caught up with the former Ohio State star after Thursday's preseason game to get the latest from the man himself in this quick Q&A session.

How has camp gone for you so far?
Galloway: Everything is going good. Camp is just about over. This was a big game for us that we needed to win on the road. Instead, we let it slip it away. The end result was every disappointing.

What are your thoughts on Bill Parcells?
Galloway: We're still adjusting. We're trying to prove ourselves. Anytime you have a new coach, you need some time to learn from him. He expects a lot from us, and we expect a lot from ourselves. We are a work in progress.

On starting last night in place of the injured Antonio Bryant
Galloway: In that situation, you just go out there and keep working hard. When you're called on, you go in and get going.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Joey Galloway for taking time out to speak with us.

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