Cowboys STARCast: Dak, Zeke, Alfred - And A 'Hate Rival' At Washington

Cowboys STARCast: Hear From Dak, Zeke, Alfred - And Let's Discuss A 'Hate Game' At Washington

Says rookie QB Dak Prescott, showing understanding of what Dallas vs. Washington means:

"It's pretty intense. For the fans, it's a 'Hate Rival.' Everybody wants those bragging rights. You want to win both games every year. I wanna go get this first one.''

Ah yes, A "Hate Rival.''

On this edition of "Cowboys STARCast,'' Mike Fisher and Jamie Horton  discuss the season-opening loss to the Giants.  Should Cowboys Nation panic?  Is the sky falling?  Will the sun REALLY be around another five billion years? 

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Dak was fine, but Zeke wasn't.  Witten was fine, but Dez wasn't. However, we think they'll be just fine ... and more importantly, so do the players themselves. We discuss the overall importance of what is merely just the second game of the season, and to guide us through, you'll hear from Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and former Redskins runner Alfred Morris, who says of moving from Washington to Dallas via tier-2 free agency, "I can't cry over spilled milk. I just had to go buy me another gallon."

Somebody is going to start 0-2 in the NFC East as Dallas gets ready for Sunday's noon game at DC, and of course, the Cowboys can help avoid that hole if they get Dez Bryant involved.

“Man, he’s a hard guy to control,” says Redskins cornerback Josh Norman (who, as you see above, was part of Washington's Week 1 inability to stick with the Steelers). “Once he gets that motor going, it’s all she wrote. He’s a physical specimen. He gets the ball at the highest point. He’s a threat, man.

We get our motors going NOW for a "Hate Rival'' on "Cowboys STARCast''! Come inside!


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