Cowboys 1st and 10: Time to get the ball to Dez Bryant

In this edition of Cowboys 1st and 10 it's time to get Dez Bryant the ball. That, plus, Ryan Davis joins the club and we get a history lesson on the nature of the sun.

1. A lot has been made about Dez Bryant this week. Just one reception last Sunday is unacceptable if you’re talking about a Top 5 receiver. If you read my Cowboys Fantasy piece, you know that Bryant typically bounces back after a game in which he catches just one pass, though the numbers aren’t overwhelming.

But if we’re talking about Bryant as a Top 5 guy, that means he should already be a consistent feature in the offense, right? I mean that shouldn’t even be a consideration. That’s why this tweet from Ben McKeith is a little disconcerting.

So few 100-yard games compared to those receivers — which I think would be on anyone’s short list of the best wide receivers in the past half-dozen years — is pretty absurd. And it needs to be fixed.

2. Ryan Davis? Why not. He has something most of the other defensive ends they signed or drafted this offseason don’t — a track record. In fact, Davis has 11 sacks of them in four seasons. Compared to the other edge rushers right now he’s a stud.

Just keep saying to yourself, “Three more games until DeMarcus Lawrence is back.”

We'll know more about Davis' status come Sunday. For now, though, I'd like to think it's all hands on deck ... which includes a certain traveling "QB coach'' ...

3. Best Jason Garrett quote in a while came the day after the Giants’ loss when reporters asked him about Jason Witten being blinded by the light on a pass late in the game. "The sun's been there for five billion years and it'll probably be there for five billion more," he told the media on Monday. Garrett, who was educated at Princeton, is probably right about that.

Jerry Jones on the topic? Well he acknowledged the sun might have been an issue, but also seemed happy the sun was out on Sunday.

"I thought the sun was pretty good out there today, really, relative to coming in from the east,” he said.

Witten told reporters the sun was an issue, but that he had to make the catch, because he’s Jason Witten and Jason Witten doesn’t make excuses. He could be missing both arms and he wouldn’t make excuses.

Here’s exhibit A.

I rest my case.

The worst part of this? Well, this from our Mike Fisher.

So they have curtains and they don’t even use them? C’mon Jerry, fix this.

4. The Cowboys are worth $4.2 billion. But then again you probably already knew that.

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6. My three keys to Sunday’s game with the Redskins?

Run the ball a whole lot. As I pointed out in my fantasy column for the week, the Redskins had the No. 26 run defense last season and started this season by giving up nearly 150 yards and two scores to Pittsburgh’s DeAngelo Williams. Start with Ezekiel Elliott and then hand it to an ultra-motivated former Redskin in Alfred Morris and let the yards pile up. 

Get the ball to Dez Bryant. The way he was ignored for long stretches last Sunday was criminal. He’s the team’s best receiver and he needs the ball thrown his way. It needs to happen early in the game, even if it results in a couple of incompletions. He needs to get into the rhythm of the game early and I think that will lead to better numbers.

What does Dez think of this idea? And what did Dallas do this week in practice to fix this? Fish is on the scoop with an exclusive Cowboys Premium look here.

Score some touchdowns. One touchdown in three red zone opportunities last week. Settling for four field goals in Giants territory last week. Yeah, that has to change.

What no defense? We all know the defense is challenged. So let’s not dwell, shall we?

7. It’s our Tweet of the Week:

We’ll see.

8. This week’s great moments in headline porn: “Joe Theismann: Tony Romo should never play for the Cowboys again” from

It seems headline porn is all Theismann is good for these days.

9. Cowboys-Redskins hate? I’m not feeling it right now. Frankly, I miss George Allen’s paranoia.

10. My prediction for Sunday’s game? I just can’t conceive the Cowboys go a second week running the ball as weakly as they did against the Giants. The Redskins showed vulnerabilities and the Steelers took full advantage. The Cowboys will encounter a Redskins defense that will make adjustments, but they’re talented enough to overcome that. Dak Prescott will get a little more rope in the passing game. Meanwhile the defense will, I think, get a bit more pressure on Kirk Cousins than it did on Eli Manning and they’ll win the turnover game again. But it will be a close one, once again. The Cowboys feel the urgency. They don’t want an 0-2 start. Cowboys 26, Redskins 23.

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