On Dez Bryant's MRI + Jerry Jones' Cowboys Q&A

On Dez Bryant's MRI + Jerry Jones' Cowboys Q&A, thanks to the team owner's notable, confusing Tuesday visit with 105.3 The Fan ...

"Shan & RJ'' on 105.3 The Fan with their Tuesday visit with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:
WAS IT NICE TO GET A COMFORTABLE WIN AGAINST CHICAGO? -- "It really was. I was proud of everybody concerned. It's not like we aren't walking out there with a backup quarterback. We're walking out there with some guys that are short on defense. We talked a lot about Chicago playing with their backups. We were playing with our backups at key positions all over the place. So, I thought we did real well. And certainly it shows me that our depth is credible and competitive." 
HOW GREAT WAS IT TO SEE ZEKE BREAK OUT? -- "He's good and he's going to be better. He has certainly the credentials. That's why he went so high in the draft. But they don't have the to play the way they're going to play at that position when they get here. When you look at it, he's certainly physical as he was in college. He's really good away from the ball, all of those things you can look to. He'll actually be doing them much better as time goes along."
DOES DAK ALLOW YOU TO NOT RUSH TONY BACK? -- "I think that we were never to bring Tony back ever if there was a risk permanently. Ever. And we were told that this injury that Tony is dealing with right now has no bearing, didn't happen because of, or has no bearing on his other injuries that he's had. So, if we get this healed and he can function, that's when he's ready to go. This is a big week for him. He's going into his fifth week since his injury. People of medicine say that six weeks on a bone is what you need for it to heal. We all know medicine is not exact. What medicine wants in every case is more time. Give everything more time. And I'm not diminishing that advice. But Tony is going to start to do the things right now in terms of getting his strength in shape, getting his motion in shape. He's going to start doing that right now. There's no risk involved with him doing most things right now."
HOW NICE IS IT TO HAVE LEARY? -- "We had trade opportunities with Ron. It has been a tough thing for Ron. I really admire him. It really needs to be noted how well he's dealt with his situation. We all knew that he could be a starter any place else. He could make a long-term contract any place else. But he's our player. For that very reason, when you've got five players in a unit, then logic tells you you're going to need help in terms of injury before a season is over. Sure enough, we got it with La'el. So, he's there and we're proud of it. Now, he played real well the other night. It was a good competition between him and Collins, not only last year, but it was, could have easily been this year as well. The drop off isn't as acute as it might have been. Boy, am I glad we didn't take trade bait and trade him."
WHAT'S THE TIMELINE FOR LA'EL COLLINS? -- "Right now, he's less likely to have surgery. It's a pain thing. And we'll see how he tolerates it. He's tough, tough player, and has a high tolerance for pain. So, he'll probably not have surgery and see if he can play."
WHAT'S THE STATUS ON DEZ BRYANT? -- "He hasn't taken an MRI to my knowledge. I'm assuming that he's on go. But will he get an MRI here probably later today? Maybe. But he certainly finished the game out. That in and of itself is a good indication. It doesn't mean that he's going to be free of the symptoms or the injury. But, again, we may look at an MRI before this day is over."
YOU DON'T SOUND LIKE YOU HAVE ANY CONCERN HE'LL MISS TIME -- "I don't want it to sound any way. I'm always concerned. We'll monitor him. This is their day off. We'll monitor him through the day. It may be later in the day we'll do an MRI. If he does, we'll give the results."
(CHQ UPDATE: Mike Fisher on 105.3 The Fan is suggesting that Jerry saying "to my knowledge'' leaves a loophole for the owner to avoid saying the wrong thing -- or much of anything. Fish notes that an MRI was definitely scheduled for Monday and seems to be only half-joking when he says Dez is a "bad patient'' ... the sort who wants to play so desperately that he might not want an MRI to tell him he has anything more than a sprained knee, along with the sort who might "have a 3:30 appointment but then not show up until 6 p.m. -- hypothetically.''
It's been speculated that Dez may have swelling in the knee that precluded him from getting the MRI. But that's no more likely than the other side of the coin -- that he feels good enough to have skipped a Monday MRI. We will keep you updated.
WHERE ARE WE AT WITH TYRON SMITH AND ORLANDO SCANDRICK? -- "Well, I hope Tyron is ready to go. But we'll just have to see. We thought he would play Sunday. That was a little surprise for us more with his back spasm than structure. That's my understanding. So, at this juncture I'm going on the basis he'll play. And Scandrick, those soft tissue, both that hams, will be monitored, will have to be real careful here because he has two of them. You got to nurse those along. So, I don't have a definitive on both those players."
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PLAY OF BEASLEY TO START OFF THE SEASON? -- "I'm reminded that when I was a senior in high school I played in the all-star game in Arkansas. And they moved me from running back, fullback to guard, linebacker. I also played guard on defense. After about two days of getting killed at the all-star camp, I slipped in the dark of night and went home. I quit. And when my dad came in who had traveled at that particular time, my mother had said I was back in the bed. And, so, he goes back and looks down at me and he said, 'Son, what's going on? I thought you loved football.' I said, 'I do. But they're beating the hell out of me and I won't let them have it.' He said, 'First thing in the morning I want you to come up here early, bright and early, and with it. You're not going to lay here. Let me just say this to you, Jerry. If you lay in this bed, you'll be a quitter the rest of your life. So just weigh that.' And, so, he left. I got up about an hour later, slid back over to the all-star camp at the mid-center there in Little Rock, Arkansas. And, so, went on and played and was proud of that loving advice, that tough love that my father had given me. I told Cole that story and said, 'I got something very similar to that in my dad.' They love us."
WHAT DO YOU SAY TO FOLKS WHO WANT T-WILL REPLACED? -- "I think you've got to look at how Terrance has played throughout his career and give him some benefit of the doubt. The team unquestionably does. He's really one of the favorites of all of his teammates because he works as hard as he does. And these two things back to back are uncommon. Now, I don't want to bring him in, and he doesn't have a dog in this fight. But anybody that was around Leon Lett's career knows that Leon made a couple of mistakes that are infamous, one in the Super Bowl and another one slid into a loss at Miami. But that was not what Leon Lett was about. Leon Lett was a great football player and a very meaningful part of our Super Bowls. So, let's just remember way back. Most people listening won't remember Leon Lett plays, but he got the ball knocked out going to go score a touchdown in the Super Bowl for just kind of showboating. And then he slid in the end zone on some ice out at Texas Stadium and caused us to lose the game. But that shouldn't, and it's very visible, but that shouldn't be the future of their career because in both cases they're both a lot better players than that."
ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT WHAT THE DEFENSE WILL BE LIKE WITH TANK BACK? -- "I think so. But now, Lawrence has had some limitations even in his absence physically and he's playing through those, which I admire. But having him back will be a plus. More importantly, how length way his resolve is to get on the field. And, so, that's all going to be a plus. But I do not think that we are living in waiting for people to get back. By the way we're playing, competing, and the players that are taking up the slack that are gone. I don't think we're living like we did last year. And, of course, it's easy to say when you look at our quarterback play waiting on Romo to get back. But I think we learned our lesson last year."
WHAT ARE TANK'S PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS? -- "He's had some issues that he's dealing with that you have to keep your eye but he's fighting through it."
IS IT FITTY OR 50 CENT WHO WAS DOWN ON THE FIELD WITH YOU SUNDAY NIGHT? -- "I enjoyed meeting him and enjoyed having him on the field. I'm superstitious. So, I think those guys ought to show up every time we have a home game. Maybe that was the difference out there to break that home losing streak. But, no, in both cases, I'm happy for them. They're both having great careers. Beyonce is really unique because she was with Destiny's Child group back early in her career. And we had two great times with her when we had Thanksgiving at Texas Stadium. As a matter of fact, they were planning to perform and it was so cold you couldn't stand it out on Thanksgiving Day. And I got them all coats from Neiman Marcus. And to this day, one of the things that we smile about are those jackets that we got them so they could go out there and do a good job and give us Thanksgiving Day halftime. Boy, I'm telling you, she's phenomenal. He as an individual was one of the neatest people. Make no mistake about it: he's the real deal. He's as easy to be around, talk to, as sharp as anybody I've ever met. I see what she sees in him."
DID YOU SEE THE SHAN & RJ COMMERCIAL DEBUT AT THE STADIUM? -- "I thought we stopped the game to look at it. We all noticed that and that's real talent. I'll agree with you.''

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