Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Picks for Week 4

This week's Dallas Cowboys fantasy rankings have plenty to do with Dez Bryant's injury status, as we rank your Top 5 options for Week 4

Each week I’ll rank the Top 5 fantasy starters on the Dallas Cowboys and why in Dallas Cowboys Fantasy.

1. RB Ezekiel Elliott. The only think Zeke didn’t do for you if you started him last week was score. But 140 yards rushing was certainly useful, especially if your league offers a bonus for games of 100 yards or more. The 49ers actually have a fairly solid run defense in fantasy terms (No. 13 against RBs) but with Dez Bryant’s status under question that means more of the load is going to fall on Elliott. Plus, in the real world, the Niners’ run defense is ranked No. 23 overall, so I feel like the opportunity is there for Elliott to have another 100-yard outing. 

2. TE Jason Witten. Let’s go back to Week 1 when Dez Bryant only caught one pass. Who benefited the most? Witten. QB Dak Prescott targeted him 14 times in that opener, with Witten catching nine passes for 66 yards. I could see Witten having another game like that when you consider the 49ers are No. 29 against tight ends in fantasy. It stands to be a favorable matchup for him. And yes, I think that even though Fish reports that SF safety Eric Reid might be able to "win'' his Witten matchup.


3. QB Dak Prescott. Prescott has scored 20-plus fantasy points in each of the past two weeks. He’s done that with Dez Bryant being quite involved in the offense. With Bryant’s status unclear, that could cap Prescott’s production on Sunday, especially if the Cowboys choose to put additional faith in the running game. The Niners are No. 25 in fantasy against quarterbacks so there should be opportunities for Prescott to put up solid numbers. It all depends upon whether Bryant plays and, if he does, how effective he is. ... and maybe about SF's defensive "cleverness,'' too.


4. WR Dez Bryant. Let’s be frank. This whole “slight hairline fracture” is kind of ridiculous. A hairline fracture is a broken bone and that must be respected by both Bryant and the team. My guess is he doesn’t play on Sunday. 

And indeed ...


5. WR Cole Beasley. Beasley’s numbers have gotten better every week. He and QB Dak Prescott have an obvious chemistry in the passing game. He’s starting to catch passes further up the field too. It’s only a matter of time before he hits the end zone. If Dez Bryant doesn’t play on Sunday, Beasley’s numbers are sure to go up.

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