Jerry Jones (And Dez) With Cowboys Updates On Dez And More

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took time with our friends in the G-Bag Nation on 105.3 The Fan to talk about Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, and "Typical" Terrance Williams. And then we talked to Dez. Again.

Before we do Jerry on 105.3 The Fan on Friday morning, we catch up with Fish and Dez Bryant in the Dallas Cowboys locker room Friday at 1:15  ...

“We want to be safe,” Bryant said when asked by our Mike Fisher about plans to play this weekend against the 49ers. It’s a long season. I feel good. We’re going to go from there.”

Now, as we write this, Dez has NOT ruled himself out ... but we might be minutes away from the Cowboys doing so.  Friday also did NOT mark Bryant's "first interview of the week,'' as published that on Thursday. What is true: Bryant did not practice this week with the hairline fracture in the tibia of his right knee. So he is watching his weight ...

And he is making sure his phone is charged ...

And he is working towards returning to the field soon, and avoiding this sort of embarrassment forever.

Now to Jerry Jones, featuring a comment about "pain tolerance'' that seems a little more "gray-area'' than Jerry himself makes it sound:

WHAT WAS YOUR REACTION TO DEZ'S INJURY AND PROGNOSIS? -- "Just exactly as expected. Our doctors have done a great job of evaluating it. The night of the game he had an X-Ray right after the game. And they told me to expect a hairline fracture, which is what he's got which pleased that it's not some ligament issue. And, so, it was exactly like we thought it was."
SO EVERYTHING ON THE MRI IS FINE? -- "I'm just saying that the results are exactly like we knew they were going to be that night. The question is it's a pain thing. And Dez certainly is dependent the player or the individual as to how you handle pain. But that's what he'll be working through is the pain thing. When he can handle the pain, which is, don't get me wrong. I'm not in any way diminishing that aspect of it. But, boy, Dez is a tough guy."
HOW ARE YOU FEELING ABOUT THE CHANCES DEZ PLAYS SUNDAY? -- "I don't know. I think, again, it has to do with how sensitive. I know that he's not only right now in terms of cutting and doing the things that you'll have to do to play. But I just know how to read it."
WAS THERE ANY ANXIETY WHEN DEZ DIDN'T SHOW UP FOR THE MRI'S? -- "Not really. You can appreciate -- one of the things I'm going to say about Dez Bryant, he's very genuine. He's very real. And that's why his teammates think of him as they do. That's why I think of him the way he does. And he has all of those human ups and downs. And I'm sure he was having to deal with the disappointment of having something to deal with. And, so, while that's not the way we'd like to have it done ideally. There's probably understanding as to why he would be having kind of an emotional decision as to whether to face the music or not and getting the MRI or just addressing. I'm sure he would kind of like to have it go away."
WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS IF YOU TOOK A MORE CORPORATE APPROACH WITH DEZ? -- "I think there is something of all of that there. And the answer is about like how you would suspect. It's not ever that clear cut. But this is, we're human and all of that is factored in. There's guidelines about fines. There's guidelines about how you report injury. But those guidelines themselves have varying degrees of penalties that are associated with them. So, it recognizes that there are different circumstances as to possibly a broad definition of the same infraction."
HOW BETTER PREPARED ARE THE COWBOYS TO HANDLE NO ROMO, DEZ THIS YEAR? -- "I think we've all, the staff is, but I can speak from certainly everybody within the organization. And I bet I could almost say this for our fans. We've just gotten acclimated to this. And we didn't handle it well last year. But I think we're going to handle it well this year. Now, obviously we think we're in better shape at the positions that are impacted that namely the quarterback position. And I can't and wouldn't necessarily speak for losing Dez Bryant on the receiver position. But still, the mentality of us all is let's line up who we've got and go out there and let's have a winning combination of compensation and tact and let's win it. Let's fight it."
IS IT POSSIBLE FOR DEZ TO PLAY TOO EARLY? -- "In my initial discussion with trainer, particularly with a trainer not necessarily a doctor, that's not that big of an issue. I think it's the ability -- and it's not tolerance -- it's the ability to actually perform with pain. And that's different than tolerance. But your mind will absolutely react to a certain amount of pain no matter how tough you are."
ARE THERE DIFFERENT SETS OF RULES FOR DIFFERENT TALENT LEVELS? -- "I wouldn't say different sets of rules. I would say it is more predicated on individual's ability to tolerate the position. Some positions for certain injuries don't have quite the impact and limitation on how they perform. So, all of that is factored into it. It's not set in stone as to how everybody reacts to it. That's the whole constituency of coaches and players."
IS BRICE BUTLER GOING TO BE LIKE MILES AUSTIN? -- "Well, only in the one that you just mentioned [filling in for an injured starter]. But I would have to say if took the incidents of opportunity of a given opportunity. I would have to say that that instance is probably the greatest for filling in for an injured player, a key player, and doing well. And that's just a fact. It's hard to get your opportunities and get on that field in highly contested, competitive situations. So, it is an opportunity for him. And, yes, it's very possible. But he's got the skill to come in and really play well."
HOW WILL TERRANCE WILLIAMS RESPOND? -- "I think Terrance has got a chance to really have a game where he doesn't make a play that doesn't have some controversy associated with it. He really played well last week, very well. And I think that's typical Terrance what we saw last week. I don't think that he necessarily has to have those highly visible games where he has a play that really creates an identity in a manner of speaking. On of the greatest football players we've had on this football team is Leon Lett. And he's now coaches for us. But Leon Lett had a couple of plays sliding into a ball in the ice in the end zone against Miami. And of course the Super Bowl play that impacted how he was perceived throughout his career but just totally uncharacteristic of the player that Leon Lett is."
WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT TYRON SMITH'S AVAILABILITY? -- "I think I'd have to wait and see and see how he's responding. It's almost like spasms. I'm not saying it isn't that technically. But if they can relieve the situation, which is a day by day thing. It's not a structural thing like you're waiting on a bone to mend. It's just akin to what I mentioned. Then I think he could be a lot better Sunday than he is today for instance. And we'll see how it goes. But I don't have a way to tell you whether he'll be ready for Sunday or not."

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